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Style Mooching: BHG Fresh Family Kitchen

Let's Style Mooch this kitchen from Better Homes and Gardens, shall we?

What is Style Mooching? 

It's where we take inspirational spaces to a whole new level!  The process is simple...I find an inspiring room and show you where to find nearly identical items for what you see in the photo...that way, you can recreate the same look in your own home.  In other words, we'll be mooching some fabulous style from the most sought after designers out there.

Posh or quaint, modern or traditional, nothing is off limits for a good ol' Style Mooch!

I can't always guarantee to find the best deal, or even to find an exact match for a product...but, each board will give you a general direction to take your shopping list to bring your own space to life.

To recreate this gorgeous kitchen, this shopping list won't disappoint:


First, let's give credit where credit is due!  This Style Mooch is based off of the Fresh & Family-Friendly Kitchen, shared by Better Homes and Gardens.  I fell in love with the neutral color scheme and the material combinations.  This is a space the whole family can live in and enjoy!


In this space, they used quatrefoil tile for the  backsplash and bead-board to add a decorative touch behind the open shelving.  You can find bead-board at your local hardware store, but the tile was a bit tricky to find.  Try Mission Stone Tile's beveled arabesque glazed ceramic tile to create a similar look.


The lighting in this lovely kitchen definitely makes a statement.  These bell-jar pendants add a touch of elegance and charm.  For a similar look, try Lighting Universe's semi-flush 3-light small bell jar ceiling light.  Since these fixtures hang closer to the ceiling itself, they're perfect for 8' or 9' ceiling heights. 


To create the open shelves, try Ikea's Lack shelving.  These thick shelves create a built-in look, and they're available in three different sizes.


Combined elements of modern and country decor are what make this kitchen so appealing.  To get this look, use a country-style bridge faucet but in a modern finish, like chrome or brushed nickel.  Try the bridge kitchen faucet with spray from Coppersinksonline.com.


Another country-style element with a modern twist is the ivory farmhouse sink.  There are many styles of farmhouse sinks out there, but the clean lines and simple finish of this particular sink make it a great fit for this particular kitchen.  You can find a similar ivory farmhouse sink at Home Depot.


To create the sleek appeal of this kitchen, pair white painted cabinets with a creamy granite.  Choose a granite that is relatively simple when it comes to stone pattern.  Something like the Iris Cream slab from Arizona Tile would be a perfect fit!


Accent this space with the very items you'll use within the space on a regular basis.  Begin collecting white dishes of various shapes and sizes.  Plates, bowls, cake stands, serving platters, pitchers--everything goes!  Start your collection with this ceramic cake stand from Williams & Sonoma.


Anchor all of the whites, creams and neutral tones within this kitchen, by adding dark-toned wood flooring.  The contrast this creates within the space is what keeps everything looking fresh.  Try Home Depot's engineered hardwood flooring in Pastoria Oak Chocolate, by Mohawk.


Give your collection of white ceramics an interest boost by throwing in a few pieces with natural finishes.  Light woods, and stone gray's are great choices here.  Pieces like Williams & Sonoma's white-washed pedestal stand will do just the trick!

You've just Style Mooched!

There you have it!  I hope you've enjoyed our first Style Mooching session.  I plan to do this more frequently because I, like many of you, constantly find images that inspire me...but the spaces your find in magazines rarely explain how to recreate the look.  

Bloggers will not only give you a detailed shopping list, they'll also show you step-by-step how to recreate their personal style. Designers, on the other hand, tend to keep a tight lip when it comes to sharing their selection choices...and sadly, that's where the majority of magazine features come from.

No worries though!  I'll break their designs down for you piece-by-piece! 

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