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How to Spruce Up Ikea Prant Boxes

Hello friends!

I'm here today with a quick How-To for personalizing your home decor.  Finding accessories that fit perfectly within a space can sometimes be difficult...so whenever I'm at a loss, I usually customize accessory items to fit my plan.

Most of the time this can be done with a good can of spray-paint, but sometimes it requires a bit more creativity.  With that note, I give you the Prant boxes from Ikea...

They're plain and simple, but holy cow, I love them!

I get that they're probably not everyone's cup of tea, but to me they are an empty canvas.  All of that bare wood just stares me in the face and says, "paint me...I dare you!"

Well, a while back I used some decorative paper and Mod-Podge to create a basket for my friend's baby shower, so when it came to these Prants (LOL, I love how close the name is to pants!), I knew that I wanted to try out another Mod-Podge application.

Because the boards looked so similar, the first thing I did was mark which side the paper would go on. This prevented me from accidentally gluing paper where it shouldn't be glued (aka, ruining the whole project).

Next, I marked the size of the paper to cut and cut the sheets to size...

Then, before I put down any glue I placed a thick string in the cut groove of the board.  This kept glue from clogging up the groove, and making the boxes impossible to assemble.

Everything from that point was pretty straight forward...a coat of Mod-Podge on the board surface...laying down the paper as smoothly as possible (though we were in a hurry, so there are more bumps than I would have liked)...then a coat of Mod-Podge on top...allow to dry...violla!

We did also paint the lids of the boxes with leftover paint from other accessories in the room, but the metal strips are actually a part of the kit that comes with the Prant boxes.

...and, as you can see, we used the same technique for this little tray..

Customizing the accessories in the room helped everything to look cohesive in the end.  It's almost like we planned it!  Ha!

There's still more to come on the sewing room makeover, but I hope you didn't miss the bulletin board tutorial that went up yesterday.  It's one of my favorite pieces, so be sure to check it out.

What's your number one tip for customizing accessories?  Is anyone else out there like me...meaning, does anyone else get excited when they see a blank canvas?  I hope I'm not the only one!


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