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Sewing Room Makeover: Where We Got It

Yesterday I finally posted the reveal of my mom's sewing room transformation, but since it was such a lengthy post (over 1900 words, yikes!), there just wasn't enough room to fit in the details about where the items you saw in all of those photos actually came from.

So...this post is dedicated entirely to sharing the ins-and-outs of where you can find the items you're curious about.  

Let's start with the photo up top, shall we?

Target: Curtain panels, Farah Fretwork 84" panels (we added white trim at the bottom); curtain rods; curtain tie backs; turquoise pitcher

Home Goods: Abstract painting; Blown glass platter; Ombre candles

Ikea: Malm 4-drawer dressers; Malm glass top; Prant storage boxes (we painted them and used Mod Podge to add the pattern), succulent plants

Joanne's Fabric:  Faux baby's breath stems

Other:  Two 36" tall cutting tables, $15.00 each, Craigslist; serving tray, $.99, Savers (we painted it and used Mod Podge to add the pattern);  mason jars, used from my mom's stash

Home Goods: Velvet upholstered chair (clearance find, only $45.00); lamp; owl stationary; white vase (holding pencils); turquoise basket set (under desk); teal candle

Ikea: Vika Amon 78" desk surface; Vika Lage table legs; Lack 74" wall shelf;  Lack 43" wall shelf; Kassett box with lid; Haverdal 4x6 frame (we painted it turquoise); Ribba 12x16 frame, white; Strimby frame

Joanne's Fabric: Push pin boards (without quilt cover); paper mache letters; fabric for bulletin board quilt cover, 1 yard

Target: Curtains, curtain rods, curtain tie-backs, previously mentioned above; pawn bookends ($1 section find!); stationary dish/tray; teal & gray expand file-folder

Other: Storage ottoman, that's mine (usually it resides in my guest room)...it was on loan since the filing cabinets were on order; two paintings, painted myself; books, from around my mom's house

Home Goods: Ceramic bird dish; vase pencil holder, stationary, and candle mentioned above

Ikea: Kassett magazine files; picture frames, shelves, desk, storage boxes and succulents, all mentioned above

Target: Turquoise serving dish (holding yarn); small serving dishes (holding office supplies); stationary tray/dish, mentioned above

Joanne's Fabric:  Paper mache letters, mentioned above

Other: Clear plastic paper-sorter and paper, my mom already had

Ikea:  Pax wardrobe with matte-white sliding doors, price varies based on selections; Komplement add-ins, wire baskets, shelves, drawers, and trouser racks (not shown in photo, inside wardrobe), prices vary per item

Home Depot:  Martha Stewart stackable cubbies and fabric-basket inserts, price unknown since my mom already had them

Home Goods:  Gray wire storage baskets

Target:  Turquoise storage crocks; curtains and curtain rods, mentioned above

Etsy.com:  Vintage office chair (learn more about my chair shopping experience here)

Target:  Shower curtain panel (we modified it to use as our table curtain), $20.00

I think that's it!  If I missed anything you're curious about, please leave me a comment and I'll get back with you.  Once you've stared at the photos for too long, everything starts to look the same!  Ha!

Thanks for checking in!


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