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Sewing Room Update: So Far, So Good

Before starting this project, I imagined an entire HGTV-style episode where I'd go on camera to document things as we went along...but here we are...two days in...and I'm finding there's just not enough time to pack a camera around. Plus, we've all been covered in sweat, dust (from sanding), and paint since the moment we got started.

We certainly don't look like anyone I've ever seen on HGTV...with their perfect makeup, curled hair, and their fashion-forward "work clothes".

But, if I can't film every little thing, I thought I should at least write an update post to fill you in.

Here's what we've been up to for the past few days...

1.  My dad and I have been busy refinishing two tables that I found on Craigslist for $15, using tips provided by Centsational Girl, the best furniture re-finisher I know.

Cracks filled, check.

Tables sanded, check.

Tables primed, check.

Now we just need to lightly sand again, then add two coats of paint.  We're hoping to get the tables finished up by the end of tomorrow.

2.  My parents called in some recruits to help out with the assembly of the Ikea pieces we bought.  In a way, I feel like it is cheating...but there is absolutely no way we would have been able to get everything done without the help.  Even now, I'm still not sure if we'll finish everything!

3.  Since my mom is a seasoned quilter, I put her to work on a little mini-quilt/bulletin-board project that I'll be sharing with you soon.  Don't worry, this photo will make a lot more sense once you see the finished product.  I can't wait!

4.  We've got two of the curtain rods hung, and this photo shows you a sampling of the curtains we'll be using.  But, we plan to add some length to the curtains by adding a strip at the bottom of each panel so that it reaches the floor.  Just another project on the to-do list.

5.  My sister and I started painting some of the accessory items that will go into the space.  I'm anxious to see how everything starts to come together.  To be honest, I'm a little nervous because I just worry that what I imagine up in my head will have a difficult time making it out into the real world.  I'm hoping everything looks tied together, instead of hodge-podge.  I'll just have to have faith, I guess.

Well, so far that's where we're at.  There is still a lot to do, and I'm really hoping that we get it all in. We've encountered a few small problems that we're trying to figure out as we go, but nothing too big. The biggest obstacle we've hit so far is that the height of the desk is not tall enough to fit our filing cabinet beneath, so we're trying to figure out another way to utilize the space with functional storage. I want the room to have as much storage as possible, so I would just hate to see an opportunity lost beneath the desk.

I'll be back in a few days with another status update.  Thanks for checking in, and wish us luck!

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