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Let the Games Begin!

How many of you watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night?

Mark and I were at dinner, but they had the event playing on a TV in the restaurant, so we were able to catch the show.  The only down-side was that the TV's were on mute, so there wasn't any sound.  We were having a tough time making sense out of what was going on.

It seemed pretty cool for the most part.  I liked the forging of the Olympic rings and how they started shooting flames once they were raised in the sky!  You know me...shiny things always make me happy!

The part I didn't quite understand was when Mr. Bean showed up.  Perhaps it was the fact that I was watching the event without sound, but did anyone else think that part was odd?  

It was actually a little embarrassing because during Mr. Bean's segment a lady at the table next to us in the restaurant asked really loudly, "Is that Pee Wee Hermin?" and Mark lost all form of tact and could not control his laughter.  Ugh...men!


I've got my own kind of opening ceremony, and I say...LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Today marks the start of my Mom's sewing room transformation project!

I've wrapped up all of my to-do list at work.  I've prepped so that I can be out of the office next week, and I've got Mark settled in for a week of solitude at home.

This morning I've got a few errands to run, I've got to pack my bags, load up my car...and then I'm off!  I'm making the drive back to my home-town for a week of work, play, and transformation!  I promise to document our progress as we go along, and I'll be sharing some updates throughout next week too.

In case you've missed any of the plans, here are the posts that I've shared about this project thus far:

There will be many more posts to come as we go along, trust me!  This week I've been really nervous because I'm worried that we might not finish everything in time.  I'm crossing my fingers that we get it all done, but I've got a lot of fun projects planned that could easily add up to more time than we've got.

Thankfully, I'll have a lot of helping hands there with me too!  Wish us luck!

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