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Meant to Be

Do you ever feel like fate is on your side sometimes?

For me, I feel like I've usually drawn the short straw of the pack when it comes to good luck (take my chaise lounge story as an example), but this week I've been feeling like I'm on a good-luck-roll!

Yeah, that sound in the background is me knocking on wood that I didn't just totally jinx myself for things to come!  But, for now, I'm going to ride the good-luck train until my ticket expires and fate kicks me off!

I started to feel lucky earlier this week when I was shopping online for an office chair for my mom's sewing room.  To be honest, I was a bit worried about finding this chair because I thought that I may have already ruined my chances for a polished look.

How's that?

Well, in my real-life shopping spree at Home Goods last Friday, I found a soft-blue, velvet chair that was on clearance for just $45.00.  I couldn't help myself, and I just had to take it for the room.  I'll be sharing picks of this chair in the reveal, so for now, you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that this chair is lovely.

As much as I loved this pretty chair, I knew the room would actually need two chairs--one at the sewing area, and one at the office area--and ideally these chairs should match (or at least correlate with one another) to work in the space.

So there I was...the owner of one amazing chair...but missing the second piece of the puzzle!

And so the hunt began...

Hmmm...it's nice, but no.

Hmmm...possibly, but no.

Hmmm...my mom sat in this one at Ikea and liked it...but it's black, and too rough...so no.

Hmmm...it's at least a little different...could add some style...but the tractor seat might not be butt-friendly after a while (you know what I'm saying!)...so no.

Hmmm...sleek style, I like the chrome...but something is just off...so no.

Hmmm...arms??...possibly...sheesh, is white the only option?...um, no.

After hunting and hunting from store to store, I just couldn't find anything that felt right.  Then, on a whim I got the thought to maybe check for a vintage option on Etsy...and low-and-behold, look what showed up on the first page!

Quantity, 1

Available, 1

Perfect for my design...there's just one...and it's THIS CHAIR!!!

How crazy is that?  Not only did I find the perfect chair for the office area (which happened to be the only one in-stock at Home Goods), but I also happened to find the one-and-only chair that is right to pair with it!  What are the odds?

I love that it's vintage, and super old-school!  I love that it's in the right color-family that I need (you can see my inspiration board for the sewing room here)!  I love the fact that it has a silver finish!  I love the fact that it has that old-school handle to adjust the settings (isn't it cool?)!

But most of all...I love that I swooped in to purchase the only one like it!

Seriously, I'm on cloud-9 right now about this chair.  Can you tell?  In fact, my only worry is that I don't know if it's going to be a comfortable chair to work in.  That's the only down-side to shopping online, I guess.

I'm also excited to share the surprise with my mom.  She hasn't seen any of the accessory items that I have purchased thus far...and since she is currently traveling, I doubt she'll be checking the blog anytime soon.

I'll be sure to share more about her thoughts on this sweet find, and whether or not it will make the final cut once we get it into the space. 

But what do you think?  Has anyone else found any super-perfect pieces that made you feel so lucky?   Tell me about your shopping finds.

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Reader Comments (2)

FYI--I have FINALLY been able to not only sit in this chair, but have actually used this chair for an extended length of time and am VERY HAPPY to report that this chair is not only a "perfect find", but also a "perfect fit"! Very comfortable to sit in and also brings back several fun memories of school days past, at the same time. The office desk chair from Home Goods is also the "perfect fit"! I still go into that room & just sit in that chair and do absolutely nothing except look around and think how blessed I am to have a daughter as talented as you. Thanks again for ALL you did to make my dreams come true! Love you forever! :)

August 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMom (Karol Lyn)

Yay! I'm glad it worked!

September 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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