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Sewing Room Update: The Inspiration

Yesterday I promised to share the overall inspiration for my mom's sewing room makeover, and here it is.  As you can tell from yesterday's post, this palette will be set against a soft gray backdrop, and if you'd like to reference the room's layout, click here.

The renderings I shared for the room leave a lot to the imagination.  Essentially, they just show where the furniture is going to be placed, but they give no indication as to what the room will feel like by the time we've added the finishing touches.  That's where the inspiration board comes in!

As you can see, we're going for a very soft and calming color scheme.  I originally thought about accenting with yellow (you know me with gray and yellow), but my mom gave me the head-shake-no-way-jose on that one.  So then I told her my Plan-B idea of aqua...and she lit up like a Christmas tree. She lifted up her purse (which was teal), and pointed to her outfit (which had teal in it) and reminded me that the teal/turquoise family was one of her favorite colors.


So here's an idea of the direction we'll be going with the accessories in the room.  Some of the items you see on the board are the actual pieces that I've chosen, but some are not the exact pieces that you'll see in the room, they're just similar.  Plus, there are many pieces that I've got hidden up my sleeves that I won't be revealing until they're in the room.  That should keep things exciting, I hope!

Here's what you see:

1. I start with this piece of art, found here, because it really sets the stage for the color scheme with it's monochromatic combination of the blue-green family.  I found a very similar piece at Home Goods, and I knew it would be the staple that held everything together, and the translator that helped to make sense of each individual piece.  Every room needs a piece like this, especially when there are many color tones you are using.  This one piece shows each of the colors that will be introduced throughout the space, which gives the mind a sense of structure for the entire design.

2.  The desk will be from Ikea, but this is only a general idea for what it will look like.  You'll have to see the room layout to understand what I mean.  We'll be using a PAX wardrobe in the room, and the desk will attached on one end to the wardrobe itself, this way it will look more like built-in cabinetry, or all one piece.  The Vika Amon/Vika Lage table and leg set from Ikea is the style that we will be using in the room, but we're actually going with a longer table-top.

3.  To add storage, and also offer additional workspace, we're going to use the Malm 4-Drawer Dresser.  My mom had requested a 36" work surface somewhere in the space so that she could use it for any projects that were easier done while standing (such as laminating, cutting, etc.).  It was difficult to find 36" anything, but the 4-Drawer Malm is actually 39".  We tested it out in the store, and it was a good height for standing work.  Originally, I had planned to use the 6-Drawer Chest to give even more storage, but I think this is a good change so that this space in the room can be used for multiple tasks.

4.  This vintage chair is something I picked up on Etsy just yesterday.  I was on the hunt for the perfect office chair for the space, and low-and-behold look what I found!  I'll be sharing more about my find later this week.

5.  You will see the Farah Fretwork curtain panels from Target making an appearance in the room.  In fact, I bought out the store's entire stock, and I'm still two panels short!  Ha!  That's how you know you're in love with a piece of home decor!

6.  This lamp, found here, gives an idea of the amazing lamp that I found at Home Goods.  I can't wait to show you the real one, and I may even share a sneak-speak of some of the decor pieces later this week.  What you see here is the closest thing I could find online to the lamp that you will see in the space, but I'll just tell you that the lamp I found is 100x's cooler!  I'm in love with it!

7.  I found a great sea-glass dish at Home Goods that I plan to display on one of the open shelves. This image, found here, reminded me of the piece that you will see in the room.

8.  This B is actually from a pin that is floating around on Pinterest (found here).  I'll be painting some letters for this room in a similar fashion.

9.  For the finishing touches I'll be adding pieces like these candles from Z-Gallerie (found here and here), but I found all of my accessory items at Target, Home Goods, and Ikea.  I may also be making a trip to Ross to see if there are any pieces I can use too.

10.  I'll be using several glass pieces throughout the space as accents.  I may even use my glass tinting technique (found here) to repurpose some bottles that I have into accessories for the room. 

Well, there you have it!  This is the direction we'll be taking the room makeover.  The big transformation takes place the week of 7/30-8/04.  I'm not sure how much time I'll get to slip away and write a blog post during that week, but I will be documenting the whole thing and sharing every-little detail with you for weeks to come afterward.  I'll do my best to at least post a few updates during the transformation itself too.  I hope you'll check back to see how it goes!

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