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Sewing Room Update: Paint is Up

Hello Everyone!

I promised an update on the progress of my mom's sewing room makeover project, and here it is!  The paint is on the walls!

In any other situation we would have DIY'd the paint job, but due to the time constraints of my availability for the project (I only have a week of vacay), my parents opted to have a painting crew come in so that we can focus our time together on Ikea furniture assembly.

These are a few photos that my mom sent me from her phone, so I haven't seen the color in person yet and I'm anxious to do so.  We went with a soft gray for the backdrop in the room, and I'll be sharing an inspiration board for the direction we'll be headed to pull the room together.

I also know that I still owe you photos and updates of my living room paint updates, but right now my living room is crammed packed with loose projects for this sewing room makeover.  I've been trying to get some things done here so we don't have to worry about them there, and until crunch-time is over I don't know when I will find my own home again.

On the bright-side, at least I will have a lot of blogging material once this makeover is complete!  I have a whole back-log of my own things that I haven't posted about yet, and after the makeover I plan to share details on some of the finishing touches you'll see in the room.

Lot's to come!  Thanks for checking in!

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