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Headed Down the Isle

Not me...

Mark and I did that years ago (going on 7, holy smokes!).  This post is about my friend, Aundrea, who will be getting married in early August. 

Earlier this year, Aundrea asked if I would create the bouquets for her wedding party and of course I couldn't resist a project this fun!  Her colors were red, orange, purple, and pearl...aka...a huge challenge, but that's what got me so excited. 

The challenge of this color scheme came from the fact that each of these colors are vibrant, bold, and dramatic.  I knew finding the right balance, without going overboard or creating a look pulled straight from the 70's, was going to be difficult.

For me, the first step for conquering this challenge was finding the right flowers.  I'm very particular about silk flowers because they can easily look tacky if they're not made well.  Because of this, I went with some of the higher-quality blooms within the Michael's selection. Peonies, and two separate tones of magnolias gave me the perfect look, and just enough realism.

Here's the final product...a bride's bouquet, and four bridesmaids...

As I worked on these bouquet's, I tried to put together a "How-To" guide for you guys, but I realized that there really isn't a step-by-step process to be followed here.  I just layered, placed, shifted, and tweeked until I thought the flowers were balanced and looked appealing together.  Once that was done I added the clusters of pearls in any gaps to add the finishing touch.  For the stems, I simply wrapped them in ribbon, and used a hot-glue gun to hold the ends together.  Then I just finished them off by gluing a few pearl medallions at the top.

For most of the projects I have posted about on this blog my motto has been, "anyone can do this," but I hesitate to say that here.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying that you have to be a seasoned florist to create a bouquet by any means. 

You do, however, need to have an eye for it, and you also need to be able to feel it.  I realize how corny that sounds, but it's the truest thing that can be said!  You just have to keep adjusting the arrangement until it feels right.

I probably had five or six arrangements before I came to the finished grouping you see here.  In fact, I even showed what I thought was the "final" arrangement to the bride, but something about it just didn't sit right in my mind, so I wound up changing the bouquet again.

So, it's true that everyone can make a beautiful floral arrangement for a bouquet, but I guess I would remind you that it might take a little while to get to the arrangement that works best. 

Don't let that frustrate you!  Just try it anyway!

My best tip is to be sure to step away from the project many times...look at the arrangement from all angles...let it sit overnight, and so forth.  You'll know that you've found the right arrangement when you don't see anything more you want to change each time you come back to it.  But until you get there, keep changing it up!

Has anyone else been working on some flower arrangements lately?  What tips would you offer? 

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