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What a Wonderful World

It's time to take a brief moment to appreciate the beauties of the world that we live in.  With it being monsoon season here in AZ, we've been experiencing stormy evenings and gorgeous cloud formations across the desert.

A few days ago I just couldn't help but snap a few shots of the clouds outside my house.  These photos were taken at sunset, which gave the cloud colored the clouds with vibrant pinks, oranges, purples, and golds.  Plus...there was this really neat tunnel formation that almost looked like the gateway to Heaven!

What better way to enjoy these photos than with a serenade by Louis Armstrong??  Enjoy!

It's going to be a fun week.  I'll finally be sharing the bouquets I mentioned last week, and a quick update on the progress of my mom's sewing room makeover.  I'm also hoping to get around to showing you the new wall color in the living room.  It's been up for a few weeks now, but I've yet to find the time to photograph, especially when fighting against the monsoon cloud-cover for some decent lighting.  Ugh!  Someday it'll work out, I promise!

Has anyone else snapped a few weather shots lately?  Please share!

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