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She Sells Sea Shells: Sea Inspired Bathroom

It's been some time since I've added an Inspiration Board to the Idea Center, and since I recently hung some shelves in my bathroom I've been in "bathroom decor mode" lately.  

I think bathrooms can be one of the most difficult rooms of the house to decorate because for some reason we usually don't give them that much attention.  Which, if you ask me, is surprising considering the bathroom could easily go head-to-head with the kitchen, family room, and bedroom for the Heavy-Weight Championship "Most Frequently Used Room in the House" title.

I've been happy to see over the last few years that bathroom decor has been trending toward spa-themed elegance, but creating a soothing space can sometimes be challenging.  So, I wanted to show you that your bathroom oasis could be just around the corner, and it won't require running all over town to collect the items on your shopping list.  In fact, 99% of the items on this Inspiration Board are found at one of my favorite stores...hmmm....I'll bet it's easy to guess which one.

1.  Premiar Picture, Waves Hawaii, $149.00, Ikea

2.  Malin Blad Rug, 6'5"x4'4", $29.99, Ikea

3.  Large Atlantis Clam Shell, $59.95, Z-Gallerie

4.  Saltgrund Shower Curtain, $12.99, Ikea

5.  Limmaren Bottles, $9.99, Pack of 3, Ikea

6.  Grundtal Mirror, $29.99, Ikea

7.  Skagern Bath Sheet, $12.99 & Frajen Bath Towel, $4.99, Ikea

8.  Villig, Scented candle with 3 wicks, $9.99, Ikea

The key elements in this space will be line, color, and texture.  The flowing lines on the rug and of the clam shell, plus the oval mirrors all mimic the smooth, soft lines of the ocean waves found in the art print.  The deep aqua's, blues, and teal's compliment the colors of the deep ocean waters, reefs, bays--while white and beige accents mimic sandy beaches.  And finally, the textures of linen, organic shell, and even smooth glass will give your space a natural feel.

Mark and I are considering a similar theme to this for our master bathroom.  We probably won't go with the ocean theme, but there's just something about the colors from this theme that we both really love!  

What about you?  What would your dream bathroom look like?


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