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The Power of the Question

A lesson learned from home decor shopping:  Questions are powerful things.

This is a little story about a simple question that saved me money on a recent trip to Home Goods.  As I was shopping in the clearance isle (as I typically do), I stumbled across these decorative vases that were marked down on price.  Score!

But then I noticed something odd...

The tall one was priced at $8, the middle-sized one priced at $9 and the small one priced at $7.  It wouldn't have been too big of a deal, but then I noticed that nothing was wrong with the large or the small vase, but there was a chip in the glass on the middle-sized vase

Hmmm...now these prices are getting a bit fishy!

I started to wonder why the middle-sized vase cost more than the taller one, especially when it was the one that had been damaged.  At first, I thought about shrugging it off...but by the time I made it up to the register I just couldn't help myself.

I brought my question to the attention of the cashier...and guess what?  She agreed with me!  She thought it was odd that the items would be priced that way, and she called up her manager to take a look.

After all was said and done, her manager rewarded me for my powerful question with a brand new sticker!  Take a look...

She took a whole $3 off, and I was very impressed!  Not only did I save a few bucks, I also scored the middle-sized vase for less than the smallest vase!

So you see...questions are powerful things.  If you think something is off when you are out hunting for great deals, don't be afraid to ask about it.  I mean, what's the worst that could happen?  It's not like they're going to chase you out of the store because you don't agree with one of their labels.  So go ahead, give it a go!

Now that I have these new vases, I finally added a little centerpiece to my dining room table.

It's simple.  Just the vases, sand, and candles...but the simplicity is actually what I love about it.  I'm sure that with time these vases will migrate to various rooms in my house, but for now I'm just enjoying them right there in the dining room.

Tell me, what is the greatest deal you've scored from a discount tag, or even by asking the manager of a store to adjust a price?  I'm curious to know how big you can go!

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