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Shedding Some Light

You've seen this lamp pop up in a couple of posts now, so I thought I'd take a few moments to run some details by you.

Several weeks ago, Mark and I took a little shopping trip to Home Goods.  It was actually his idea, not mine...which admittedly took me off guard.  You see, it's not very often that Mark will say, "hey, do you want to go down to Home Goods and shop for some lamps?"

My first reaction...who are you, and what have you done with my husband?

My actual reaction...Ummm, duh!  Of course!

Naturally, once you get to Home Goods you don't just shop for lamps...so we browsed the entire store...I ooohed and aaaahed at all of the items...and we eventually wound up in the lighting section. Then, with one turn down the last isle I saw the color of love...

Ummm...yes please!  The perfect style.  The perfect size.  the perfect color.  The perfect price...the perfect lamp!!!

I probably would have happily paid $50 for this beauty, but luckily for me it was clearanced to just $35. You might think that was the big win of the day...but actually, the most amazing part was that Mark and I both loved this lamp!  In fact, he was grabbing it to put in the cart even before I was.

Now that is a Uhrich win!

We usually have similar taste in home decor, but sometimes I'll point out an item that he gives me the scrunched face for (translation: that means no way in husband talk), and sometimes he'll point out an item that I give him the blank stare for (translation: that means are you kidding me in wife talk).  So for the two of us to get twinkly-eyed over the same item...that's big...real big!

You might think that's where the story ends, but then again, if you've followed me long enough you probably know there's more to one of my stories than meets-the-eye.  Which is good, because this story has an added bonus!

Not only did we score the table lamp for $35, we also came home with this bad-boy for $60!

Again, a green-light on both our parts.  We were on a roll!

It's funny because Mark and I were just talking last night about how we finally feel like our house is starting to come together.  Even though I look at these photos that I post and think about all of the projects that still need to be completed in each snap-shot, I'm feeling like we're starting to build up the layers of our style.  Piece-by-piece.  

This weekend I'll admit that I felt a bit spoiled because of the extra day I had off of work to celebrate Memorial Day.  I was busy, busy, busy...but I felt like I could do it all...write articles...blog...code pages...finish projects...edit/upload projects...and even clean the house.  Unheard of!  It made me think about how much faster my home would transform into what I want it to be if only I could focus more attention on it.

Oh well though.  Life is a juggling act, and I'll do my best to not disappoint the crowd.

What did you do over Memorial Day weekend?  Did anyone have a get-together with family or friends? Did anyone travel?  Sheesh, I can't even remember the last time I traveled anywhere.  Haha!  I need to stop taking stay-cations, and actually get out of town.

Well, whatever you did on your holiday weekend, I hope you had a great time doing it!


Ps...did you catch the patriotic crafts link-up I posted on Facebook/Twitter?  Memorial day is over, but July 4th is just around the corner!  Be sure to follow/like for the latest updates!


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