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Would You Bee Mine?

Happy Friday!

I can't bee-lieve how long I've been holding on to this post!  If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw the post go up back in April about the bee-u-tee-ful beehive vase I bought from One Kings Lane.  

Before I proceed with the details of this post, I'll pause to give anyone who hasn't yet "liked" me on Facebook the opportunity to jump on over and get their liking-action groove on...


Okay, now that that's done, let me show you a few photos of the new vases that I'm absolutely in love with... 

I think I've already used enough bee puns in this post, so to keep from getting too corny I'll just ask...isn't she lovely?  I'm in love with the honeycomb design, and the adorable bee at the top of the vase.

...and the best news???  I bought this vase for $11 and it still makes me giddy to think about it!

This was my very first purchase from One Kings Lane, and I thought it was really interesting how they manage your shopping experience.  If you haven't shopped there before, One Kings Lane is a daily-deals type shop.  You have to register with them, and then they send you emails each day with the various specials they are running.

I've been signed up with them for a while now and I find that it's hit-or-miss.  Frequently, the items are still priced way out of my budget. That's mostly because they are offering high-end designer items at a discounted price...and let's face it...hundreds of dollars, marked down 20% is still hundreds of dollars.

But, $11 is a number I can wrap my brain around!

Anyway, back to the shopping experience at One Kings Lane.  If you're anything like me, you're probably used to Amazon.com type shopping on the web.  I'll torment over an item for days, sometimes months...leaving the poor thing sitting in my virtual shopping cart until I can finally decide if I'm going to take the plunge.

Well, before you head on over to One Kings Lane be sure to put your shopping game-face on.  They're hard-core!  Since they only offer a few of each item, once you add the item to your shopping cart they'll only reserve it for you for five-minutes.  Yep, five!

Talk about pressure!  There's no time for debating...no time for twiddling your thumbs...if you love it, buy it...or run the risk of losing it.  Such a mean game for people like me, but in the end I made the purchase, and I've never had buyers remorse since!

That could partially be because I also found this set of honeycomb vases for just $25...

So the grand total of my purchase was just $36!  Well, plus tax and a few dollars in shipping...

Now, I'm constantly checking the daily deals from One Kings Lane to see if I can stumble across more great finds.  And no, they didn't pay me to write this post about them...it's just me sharing some of my thoughts on one of my newest retailer addictions.

Speaking of which...I think I'm long overdue for a window shopping post.  Perhaps it's time for me to head on down to some of my favorite shops and see what they have in stock.  Oh, and by the way...do you remember this window shopping adventure that resulted in my sweet table find?  Well, yesterday I was watching the Batchelorette (yes, it's true...I don't know why I get caught up in those silly shows, but I totally do), and right there in the courtyard of the new mansion was my hip little table!  Does that make me famous?  Not quite?

Well, that's alright.  I don't need to be famous.  I just need to fill my life with the simple things that make me happy.  Beehive vases included!

What about you?  Whare are the simple things in your life that make you happy?  Is it your pet? Perhaps your five-year-old's scribble drawing on the fridge?  Or maybe it's the fact that your husband did the dishes without even being asked.  

I hope it's not just one thing.  I hope it's a list that it too long to count!

Ps...did you catch the gift idea link-up I posted on Facebook/Twitter?  There are some great ideas for those "I feel stumped moments."  Be sure to follow/like for the latest updates!



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