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Total Eclipse of the Heart

It's not every day you get to see the sun and the moon aligning...so when a chance like this rolls around, you know I've just got to throw some pics up on the blog to document the occasion.

Honestly, I wouldn't have even known about the eclipse, but Mark likes to follow stuff like this.  Any time there's a meteor shower, eclipse, or galactic event of any type, he'll set up the lawn chairs in the best viewing position our tiny lot has to offer.  It's always a surprise to me, but I enjoy it every time because I feel like I'm getting a rare chance to see something that the universe only offers once in a lifetime.

You might be wondering why the photos are so orangy.  Well, it's because I used a strip of old camera film to cover the lens of my digital camera.  Without the film, the light from the sun was too over-powering to catch the eclipse.  But, I did get some cool shots that allowed a little bit more light.  For these shots, the eclipse is more visible in the reflections than the sun itself.

This is Mark finding the best position in our backyard to view the eclipse.  Oh, and don't worry.  We had special eclipse viewing eyewear, so we didn't burn holes through our brains.  Ha!

Then we played with shadows.  Sounds corny and silly, trust me, I know.  But he showed me that the eclipse makes little crescent moons around your shadows...especially through round objects.  In this photo, Mark is holding up a CD and you can see the eclipse in the center of the CD's shadow.  

Oh, and look at Mark's armpit...eclipse pit!  Haha! 

So this evening, I had a total eclipse of the heart.  Literally.

I got to see something truly amazing, and once again I was happy to spend time with my science-loving husband who would never miss an opportunity like this.  So when I close my eyes tonight, this is what I'll see...

What is the most memorable thing you've ever seen?  Was it the landscape of somewhere you traveled?  Or perhaps a shooting star?  Was there anyone special who shared that moment with you?  I think sometimes it's the people we're with that make the event so memorable.

Well, I hope you had an enjoyable weekend!


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