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Tip of the Week: Give Just Because You Can

By now you might know that Double Stamp Tuesday is a long-standing tradition with me and my friend Jana.  It's the day when we use our lunch breaks to head down to Dutch Brothers and load up our stamp card (buy 10 get one free) so we can speed our way to a free drink for half the cost.

Well, another part of this tradition that has gone unmentioned is our tweeny-like obsession for collecting the Dutch Brothers stickers.  Each month, they come out with a new sticker, and much like I did in the 5th grade, I grab one and add it to my collection that's kept on a notebook at my desk.  Okay, seriously...who out there remembers the "Trapper-Keeper?"  I'm telling you, my grown-up self is doing exactly what my 9-year-old self did with my Trapper-Keeper and Lisa Frank stickers.

Since Jana and I both have a habit of collecting these free-handouts, I thought it would be fun to see if these little stickers might make a good iron-on.  I was going to make a T-Shirt for Jana on her birthday, but sadly, the sticker that month was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.  It wasn't going to fly, so I had to wait.

When they finally came out with another sweet-lookin' sticker, I picked up a few extras so I could experiment...and then this weekend, I came across the perfect Tee for my pink-loving friend, and after a little pressed heat, here's what I came up with...

I started by finding the placement I wanted for the sticker...

Then I peeled off one side of the sticker backing and ironed over the other side...

It took a lot of ironing because the adhesive on the sticker was not really designed to adhere to the fabric.  In fact, I just kept ironing until the sticker itself started to melt slightly.

It worked out alright, but I'm not going to lie...I wouldn't be surprised if the sticker just peeled off after the first wash.  I don't feel like I ever got that good-solid-stick that I was looking for, but then again...it was just an experiment, right?

I happened to have some pink tissue paper, a little green bag, and an extra sticker, so I used them to put together the gift-wrapping.  Jana seemed to really like it, and I'm hoping she can at least get a few good wears out of it before the sticker falls off.  Then again, who knows?  Perhaps it will last for quite a while.  Either way, at least she got a cute pink-striped shirt out of it.  Hmmm...for some reason, I seem to always be giving Jana pink and green things.

Does anyone else like to give gifts, just because?  Sometime there's no rhyme or reason for giving a gift...it's just when you see something that reminds you of a particular person...that's all it takes.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, expensive, or dramatic...just something thoughtful.  

Tell me about a time when you gave someone a gift just because you wanted to.  What was their reaction?  Did it surprise them to receive a gift on a day that was otherwise normal?  Not their birthday, or Christmas...just an ordinary day. 

This week's tip is to give just because you can.  Sometime this week, pick up a card for someone just to let them know you're thinking of them...or get them that gift you meant to give them on their birthday.  I promise you, their smile with be worth it!


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