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Style Sunday: My Work Makes Me Happy

Happy Sunday Everyone!

As we all get ready to head back to the office tomorrow to give the world 40 more hours of our precious time, I thought a business themed post might be appropriate.

No, we're not going to talk budgets, annual gains, stocks & bonds, or even marketing...we're going to talk cubicles.  Yep, those small little boxes that give us a place to stash our purse, store some snacks, and get our jobs done!  

Let's talk about our 25-square-feet of corporate real estate where we spend the majority of our lives.  My thoughts are if we're going to spend most of our time in a little square box, then shouldn't that square box at least make us feel happy?  Well, as happy as a little box designed for work (and not play) possibly can!

Here's the inspiration board I will be using to brighten up my cube at work...

Who would have guessed I went with yellow and gray?  I guess it's no secret that this is my favorite color combination right now...I mean, just look at my website!  Ha!

Anyhoo...if you'd like to brighten up your desk with some yellow and gray, here are the details on where you can find these great decor picks:

1.  365 Calendar, CB2.com, $19.95

2.  Knodd Bin with Lid, Ikea, $24.99

3.  Wish Dry Erase Piggy Bank, CB2.com, $9.95

4.  Modern Stripe Tumbler, West Elm, $8.00

5.  Yellow stripes artwork, CB2.com...Sorry, looks like they've discontinued this item.  That's what I get for holding onto an inspiration board for a while.  Boo!

6.  Tread Bowl, CB2.com...Sorry guys, looks like they've discontinued this.  It was around $30.00.

7.  Kludd Notice Board, Ikea, $19.99

8.  Crane Fog Desk Lamp, CB2.com, $79.95

9.  Laquer Office, West Elm, Various pieces and colors available, prices ranging from $9.00-$39.00.

Well, that was embarrassing.  I've never ran into an issue with discontinued items before, but I guess that will teach me a lesson about holding onto an inspiration board for too long.  I made this inspiration board probably back in the fall when I was trying to think of ideas for my new desk.  My team at work had just moved to a new building, so I thought it would be a good time to transform my desk's decor.  

Not only did I hold onto the inspiration board, I haven't even started the process of decorating my home-away-from-home yet.  Maybe spring will inspire me to add some cheerful decor.  I hope so!

Does anyone else like to decorate their cubicle at work?  What are some of the favorite things you have on your desk?  Is anyone out there a manager that receives a bunch of quirky desk-decor from your team (think Michael Scott here...Worlds #1 Boss!)?  Whatever it is that makes you feel happy while your at work, I think you can't go wrong.  If you feel happy at work, you're more likely to be productive and enjoy the tasks your doing each day.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the project I was working on this weekend.  It's a simple knock-off of another West Elm product I've been eyeing.  Nothing like my chandelier/West Elm knock-off, but I still got the same look for pennies on the dollar.  Can't wait to share!


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Reader Comments (2)

Hey Kelli,

Still reading - just nothing to say but I thought you should know that I'm still here. The night stand tables you found are great! The finish is called Antiqued just in case you didn't know and was very popular in the sixties and early seventies. My aunt had a dining room with her funiture finished just like that. I found out years later that the wood was solid cherry underneath! And she just gave it away! If it had been stripped and refinished I bet that it was a beautiful set. The set was already an antique before she "antiqued" it. no pun intended. I hope that all is well.


March 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

Hey Maureen!

Good to hear from you! I know its been a little while.

I'm definitely looking forward to refinishing the night-stands. I think they will be great! I was also happy to find all of the pieces for the handle that was broken on one. They were just tucked inside one of the drawers! Should be an easy fix, and saves me the cost of buying new hardware.

Glad you stopped by to say hello!

Xo, Kel

March 5, 2012 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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