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A Twenty and a Five

I'm always blown away by the things you can purchase for pennies on the dollar.  The key to finding great deals is first, knowing what you're looking for, and second, having a lot of patience!

You all know that I'm addicted to Craisglisting, and with my latest finds I think I'm finally to the point where I can give it a rest for a little while.  I was lucky enough to find most of the furniture that I needed for each of the rooms in my home, but for some reason I wasn't having any luck finding the side tables for my master bedroom.

You can see in this photo, I've been using the little table I found at Ross as a temporary fix, but it definitely was a limited solution...

Everything I found was either too small, or too big.  Most end-tables are around 24 inches wide, and I wanted mine to fill the space between the bed and the wall, which meant that I needed them to be anywhere between 30-35 inches.  I was beginning to think that such a thing didn't exist, but then I stumbled across this posting...

No description, no dimensions...just a picture and a phone number...but I had this feeling.  You know the feeling you get when you're pretty sure something is just what you were looking for.  Yep, that's the feeling that I had!

Of course I stumbled across this add at 12:34 AM (it's not uncommon for me to be up at that time, even on workdays), and the seller didn't include an option to email...and so, I obeyed Craigslist Rule #5 and waited until the next morning at 8 AM to call.


After not hearing back for a few hours, I decided to call again on my lunch break.  This time a lady picked up.  She confirmed that the chests were still available, but she said this was from a thrift store and she was located in another one of their store locations so she didn't have the measurements or any other information.  I asked if she could hold them for me until I could come look at them when I got off of work, she said no. 

If you're not from the Phoenix area, let me just tell you that Peoria is one of the suburbs of Phoenix.  In regular traffic, it would take about 30 minutes to get from Phoenix to Peoria, but when you get off work at 5 pm rush-hour traffic will put you back by an extra 20-30 minutes.  I knew it would be a gamble, but I knew I had to try!

As I left work that day I called one more time, just to confirm that the items were still there.  Much to my surprise, they were; however, I imagined someone out there having the same plan of making the commute after work, so it made me cringe each time I had to hit the breaks on the long drive out.

When I finally got to the store, thankfully the items were still there...and they were exactly what I was looking for!  I still didn't have the measurements, but after my eyeballing-it examination I was about 95% confident they would fit perfectly in my master...and I was right...

Sorry, I didn't exactly stage these photos, so the bedding looks a bit frumpy...but don't let that distract you from how perfectly these little chests work as my new night-stands! 

The Craigslist add wasn't clear about if these were $25.00 each, or $25.00 for the set, but it turned out to be for the set.  I was willing to pay $25.00 for each of them if I had to, but $12.50 each is much better!

...Plus, one of the drawers actually had a roll of cute wrapping paper, some tissue paper, and two gift-bags tucked inside.  Let's just imagine that all of those things combined equalled $5.00, that would bring my night-stands down to $10.00 each!  Score on the extra finds!

Whoever owned them previously made an attempt to refinish them, but they didn't get very far.  That's perfectly fine though because I plan to refinish them myself anyway.  At first I was thinking of refinishing them white, but then I started thinking gold.  Not tacky, gaudy, gold!  Something like this...

We'll see what I ultimately decide.  I may not feel bold enough for gold.  Only time will tell.

At the top of this post I mentioned that I had multiple finds on Craigslist for $25.00.  This was my other lucky find...

It might be a little difficult to tell in the photo, but it's a hand rendering of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece, Falling Water.  Here's a photo of the actual home...

As an interior design and architecture junky, of course falling water is one of my all-time favorite designs. I can't say that I love everything that Frank Lloyd Wright designed, but I think the way he designed this building was incredible!  I just love how the building is incorporated into the stream and the landscape.

On the rendering itself, I really liked the colors that were used.  I can't decide where to hang it yet, so for now it's sitting on the credenza in the master bedroom. 

So now you can see what a bit of patience and $25.00 can get you.  Has anyone else found a great deal for around $25.00?  I'd love to hear about it.

Happy Saturday!


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