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A Minor Detail

You've heard it said, "The devil is in the details..."

Well, that's often true...and sadly, this past week I failed to remember a minor detail that was pretty critical to my entire plan.  But, I've always said this blog would be share my failures right along side my successes, so let me tell you all about it.

At my job we do this thing every Friday where we get together for breakfast before diving into our work-day.  There are about 18 of us that participate, and each week we take turns bringing in the food for everyone.  Well, this week it was my turn to bring in breakfast for the crew and I had made big plans to impress...yogurt parfaits, homemade muffins, and whipped butter.   Mmmmmm....Mmmmmm....Mmmmmm

Don't let this picture deceive you...this looks like a total success, right?  Well it was, right up until I forgot a little somethin'-somethin'.

I started my preparation with a quick trip to the grocery store to collect my ingredients.  To make the parfaits I chose two different types of yogurt (low fat, and regular), some granola cereal, frozen fruit, and some little plastic cups.

Once I was home, I put the parfaits together in just a few minutes with some quick layering...

That was it!  Done...finished...spot-on!  It was so simple to put everything together, and admittedly I gave myself a pat on the back for having such a wonderfully simple idea as I placed the parfaits in the fridge to store.

Then I moved on to the muffins.  I baked two different types, banana nut and blueberry...but unfortunately I got a bit distracted when baking the blueberry muffins and my negligence allowed them to burn.  Boo!

However, by this time it was already 10 pm, so there was no way I was about to bake a recovery batch. I figured I'd just make do with what I had, and possibly swing by the grocery store on my way to work if I thought I needed more food in the morning...and with that, I scurried off to bed and dozed into dream-land (after a quick browse through Pinterest, of course).

In the morning I arose, much like Cinderella and Snow White, or any Disney princess for that matter.  I hummed and I skipped, and I opened all of the windows to let in the fresh morning air, while song-birds perched on the window-sill chirping their "good morning" tune.

Seriously, if you believed that last bit then you must not know me!  Actually, it was more like the stumbled out of bed, ran into walls, couldn't find my shoes, and nearly died when the sun hit me, type of morning.  And to top it all off, I soon found that my preparation the night before was for naught.

I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but when I pulled the parfaits out of the fridge I could see that the granola had been completely submerged in the fruit juice all night long, which meant I now had soggy granola parfaits instead of yummy, crunchy granola parfaits.  Stupid me.

And so, my entire plan for making breakfast for my team was completely down the drain.  Ultimately, I wound up running to the grocery store to pick up some pastries and cinnamon rolls, so I didn't dissappoint anyone but myself.

When I got to work, Mark and I had a text conversation that went something like this...

Kelli:  Help yourself to the yogurt parfaits, the granola went soggy.

Mark:  Yeah, that's why when you buy yogurt at the store the granola is in a separate package up top.

So supportive, right?  A simple Thank You would have sufficed.  Ha!  Lesson learned...

...serve your yogurt parfaits as soon as possible, and this idea is golden!

All was not lost, though.  Mark and I have actually been enjoying the parfaits, we just add some fresh granola on top, and it fixes the whole problem.

I think these would be great for anyone who is throwing a brunch, or some type of get together where your friends might appreciate a healthier snack option.  So, don't cross them off of the list as a great idea...just don't forget that granola goes soggy after sitting in moisture for too long.  Serve them right away, and you're all set!



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Reader Comments (1)


I'm sorry you were so disappointed with your breakfast you made for your crew. I, personnally, would have loved it. You see I have a confession to make; I am a soggy cereal eater. I have been ever since I was little. I purposely let my cereal sit until it gets soggy and then eat it. I know, GROSS! I have shocked many people with this announcement. I don't like the way the cereal gets stuck in my teeth when it is crunchy and one day I discovered that the food didn't if it was softer.
Horror of horrors - I do the same with cookies. Yes! I know! I'm an addict! But if you can bend an Oreo then it is perfect for me.
My husband took a long time to get used to this but has never been an enabler. He puts the cookies away and I leave them out. For years he reminded me to hurry up and eat my cereal but I just can not break the habit. I think that maybe an intervention and a 12 step program is in order.
I hope my confession has not been too much for you Kelli and we can still be friends. But I do understand if you need to distance yourself from people with such extreme behavior.

Hopefully Still Your Friend,


March 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

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