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A Giants-Themed Man Cave

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I'm sure you're all geared up with the party food, big-screen television, and optimal surround-sound system, and I officially say...may the best team win!

In yesterday's post, I confessed to not being a huge sports-fan myself...but don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a good compitition every now-and-then.  Plus, I've found that I may have some sort of gift when it comes to predicting the winner of the Super Bowl.

You see, last year, I didn't plan any type of post for Super Bowl Sunday, but before the game started I decided it would be fun to make an inspiration board for each of the teams playing.  I figured it would be my way of acknowledging the American tradition that is the Super Bowl.

I started on a board for the Green Bay Packers, and it wound up taking me longer than I thought it would.  About half-way through, I found myself actually rooting for the Packers to win so that I wouldn't have to make another board for the opposing team.  I figured if they won, then everyone would think that I planned the inspiration board around the winning team.

Well...as we all know, the Packers took the game, and I was lucky enough to have my un-planned plan look like I actually planned it!

So this year becomes my test to see if I truly have an inspiration board psychic ability.  

If the New York Giants win the Super Bowl this year, then I guess you all know where to come next year for the winning predictions, right?  ha!

I don't count on me being right, but I did mention yesterday that the Giants will be the team I am rooting on this year...but only because the Patriots beat my Cardinals a few years back.

...and so, I've created an inspiration board for all of you die-hard Giants fans out there.  Or, if you're not the die-hard fan, perhaps you have a husband, son, brother, uncle, or cousin that has been begging you for permission to turn the garage into a man cave.  Well, here you go.  

Here is a list of products that you can combine to make a New York Giants man cave:

  1. Color Scheme
  2. Sectional Sofa:  Onlyredfurniture.com, Schultz Living Room Microfiber Sectional Set, $1,818.89
  3. Entertainment System:  Wayfair.com, dCOR Eternity Entertainment Unit, $599.00
  4. Coffee Table:  Ikea Strind Coffee Table, $99.99
  5. Rug:  Rugsdirect.com, Rugs America Millennium 4630, Toronto Blue, $399.00
  6. Curtains:  Ikea Estrid Curtains, $39.99
  7. Pillows:  Navy Blue Pillow/Etsy, $45.00, Vintage Feed Sack Pillow/Etsy, $49.50
  8. Shelf:  El Shelves/Photo Ledge, CB2.com, $19.95
  9. Lamp:  Target, Exotic Retreat Table Lamp, $44.99
  10. Clock:  InMod.com, Concentric Clock, $69.00
  11. Sports team memorabilia, found anywhere.  This includes autographed items, sports equipment, framed pictures, and displayed banners.  Just be creative when displaying them.

Well, there you have it.  Be sure to send me back some photos if you use this inspiration board to create your own room.  Have fun with it, and enjoy the Super Bowl!


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