Homemade Christmas Cards in 5 Designs
Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 11:38 AM
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Well, it looks like I've survived the Mayan apocalypse ... so I guess it's a good thing I tackled another 30X30 goals and actually sent out Christmas cards this year!  (Did anyone guess that it was the Christmas cards I was referring to at the bottom of this post?)

To be honest, my original plan was just to use pre-packaged cards; but, when I used these poinsettia stickers for the table setting article for SheKnows, my plans changed a bit.  I purchased the package of stickers from Michaels for around $3.  Most of the items I used for the staging were eventually returned to the store, but once this sticker package had been opened I knew I had just committed myself to making my own poinsettia-themed Christmas cards.

As if I have nothing else to do, right?  Ha!

But, even though making the cards took more time than a pre-packaged deal, I think it was still worth it. It was actually fun to revisit some scrapbooking crafts, and overall I wound up with 50 custom cards, in 5 different designs -- for around $8!  (I'll tell you more about the cost breakdown at the end of this post.) 

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Making the cards was a pretty simple process, and it wasn't all that time consuming.  I was able to knock out the designs over two evenings (a few hours each sitting), while catching up on some Glee, and Modern Family episodes.  

PS ... Is anyone else a bit disappointed in this season of Glee?  Weird though, I still feel the need to watch every episode to see what songs they will cover next.  I'm hopeless!

Getting off my Glee soapbox now!  Back to the cards ... 

To make these designs, first start by using the cardstock to make measurements of the card width on your scrapbook paper.  The cards are pre-cut, so this step makes it easy to get your decorative paper to the right size.

For most of my cards, I used strips of paper that were about 2" tall and just glued that strip of decorative paper strip to the bottom edge of the front of the card.  But, for designs 1 & 4, the strips of paper were about 3.5" tall, creating a completely different look.

(No, that's not nasty, peeling skin on my fingers ... it's just glue.  Making cards can get pretty messy!)

Finishing off the cards is simple -- just glue your strips of paper into place, then add your sticker.  You may also need to trim some of the edges of your cards if any of your strips of decorative paper are slightly too long.  This is just an easy way to make sure your cards look crisp and clean.

I know that Christmas cards are usually used to tell your family and friends all about the happenings of the past year, but my message was slightly different.  Considering this is the first time in my 7 years of marriage that I've sent out cards, I took this as an opportunity for somewhat of an apology.  

Using my PowerPoint method, I created this printable to insert into each card:

Then I glued a few more strips of decorative paper on the inside of the card, to create a little sleeve for the printable to tuck inside.

It took me a few tries to find the perfect design for the inside of the card, so a few people ended up with this mess (sorry guys) ...

You may have also noticed that I skimped out on colored prints for the letter itself.  Even though I loved the colored version, to keep my costs down I just went with standard printing.

So, to save some scrolling action ... here's the finished product (front & inside):

Maybe next year I'll go with the pre-packaged cards, but it's hard to tell.  I feel like I got a bit more bang for my buck with the homemade cards.  Each card was a little different, which made them feel very personalized to me.  That's something you can't really find in a box!

Here is the cost breakdown:

What do you think?  Pre-packaged, or custom/homemade?  Leave me a comment to cast your vote!



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