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Mail Stop: Or, How to Organize Your Mail

Sometimes, things get a little crazy around my house.

Sure, I post pictures of my house looking all nice and put together ... but whenever things get out of control it's usually because of a few pesky items.  Clothes, shoes, dishes ... and mail.




It seems to pile up everywhere!  Regardless of how often I go through it, it just keeps coming, day-in-and-day-out.  Flyers, pamphlets, campaign ads, weekly specials, coupons, bills, subscriptions, letters, and notices ... all stacking up out of control!

At work we have these nifty little things called "Mail Stops."  Essentially, they make up an internal postal system, getting mail to and from various buildings throughout the organization.  A bin for "incoming" and a bin for "outgoing" mail.  Nice, clean, simple, and effective!

The other day, I started thinking about the mail situation in my home and I realized that I needed my very own mail stop system.  I needed a place to toss incoming mail, and to sort out important items that we needed to keep handy.  I wanted it to be in a high-traffic area, where it would be easily accessible, but also where it would make logical sense.

So naturally, I installed a few bins beneath the bulletin wall in my house...

Originally, I was planning to use these bins as storage in my studio -- but considering they had been sitting in a closet for over a year, I figured it was about time to put them to good use.  These bins were an early purchase from Home Goods, and if I remember right they were about $25.

This is just the first step of the updates I'll be making to this space.  I plan to add more artwork on this wall to even out the look a bit.  It needs more frames to the right of the bins, and possibly even below. Plus, I'm thinking about extending the display up a bit higher toward the ceiling.

Haven't quite figured it all out yet ... but I knew the organizational needs of my home couldn't wait any longer.  Man, it sure is nice to have a dining table again...

Just for fun, here is a little blast-from-the-past for how the wall used to look...

Perhaps you noticed from the before-and-after photos, but we've also added a bit of color to this area over the last few months.  I just haven't gotten around to posting about all of the color updates that have been taking place lately.  You'll see a few more pics of the updated color in the dining room later on this week.  And maybe ... just maybe ... someday soon I will get around to shooting another Tour My House video.

What solutions have you found for managing clutter in your home?  Does anyone else use sorting bins as a catch-all for their mail?

Next, I need to rally up some ideas for a "Shoe Stop."  One of our weaknesses is kicking off our shoes around the house, so if anyone has ideas for tackling shoe clutter, I'm certainly open to suggestions!

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