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The Anniversary Thrift

It’s a bit ironic that in my intro Q&A with Kelli, I mentioned that I would love to go to a hotel with just my husband and me to relax, because we did just that recently.  And although I enjoyed the time that he and I got to spend together, it was not as enjoyable had I imagined it.  Mostly for the reasons that like you all, I love my home!  I like the way my home smells, feels, and looks.  A hotel has no match to the home that I have created with my husband and children.

However, the advantage of the time that we had in a kid free zone is that we got to do kid free activities.  We ate at a wine bar for dinner, had breakfast at a modern restaurant, and bummed around all of the thrift and antique stores that Downtown Phoenix had to offer.  It was awesome, over-whelming, and completely relaxing. 

I am lucky that I grew up in a family that believed in the value of an item much more than the price tag.  I have a true love for the consignment store, the yard sale, and all that is second-hand.  How cool is it that we can recycle household items, save a little cash money, and look good while doing it?  

The craziest part of my experience is that I swear that nearly every item that I saw somehow came from my grandmother’s house.  It was completely nostalgic and humbling to see items that were from my childhood, from the house that I loved to visit so much.   I stood, silently kicking myself in the rear for not snagging more items when I had the chance.  She had everything from when my mother was a child, and to have it today would be absolutely glorifying and priceless. 

And although, I could have purchased nearly every item that I saw, I did go thrifting on a budget.  (Remember that wine bar I mentioned- eek!).  I was out not to just buy, but to purchase things that I knew could possibly be passed to my own children.

We didn’t buy anything from the first few stores that we went to, which I blame mostly on the fact that we did not go thrifting with a plan, just to peruse and stumble across what we found was missing from our home.  I do suggest this to anyone, as going with a purpose may help ease the strong feeling of being over-whelmed.

Around our fourth store, we went into a huge antique mall.  Looking at a case of kitchen items, I stumbled upon an older woman packing what seemed to be about three dozen books.  She welcomed me, asked me about my day, and offered her books for free!  I grabbed a few of the Harry Potter books that I do not have, Fahrenheit 451, and a coffee connoisseur book.  While going through her collection, I spotted this bread box.  My grandparents had a breadbox in their home and my kitchen is accented in yellow, so I thought it to be a great piece to add.  Plus, it was only $6!

After getting coffee, and visiting a few other shops, we stumbled upon another antique mall filled with a variety of vendors.  Complete with everything you could imagine, I stumbled upon a booth filled with items that caught my eye.  Having a bit of a clearance sale, I picked up both of these teapots for $5 each.  One that is going to be a Christmas gift and the other, you will all have to wait and see its purpose.

My husband and I drove separately to our hotel and were both exhausted from our three hours of thrifting (it went by fast), so we separated to head towards home.  Driving, I realize that I had never been in the antique store by own home.  My friend often talks about the same store, as she has one on her side of the valley, so I opted to check it out.   And good thing I did.

While looking at a cute, purple nightstand, its seller offered it to me at 20% off.   I felt it like a sign, as I was on a mission for something to add to my daughter’s recently upgraded “big girl” room.  $15 later, she was mine. 

Walking out, I noticed this cute coffee container for $3.  Um, no question it was coming home with me. Like the book says, I am a coffee connoisseur!

Total cost: $34!

I call that a thrifting win!

How do you go to thrifting?  On a whim or with a plan?  What are your favorite thrifty finds? 

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