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Ladies and gentlemen, I've been Scentsyfied!  Or, in other words, my Scentsy order has arrived and now my home smells like roses!

A few weeks ago I mentioned the scent situation at my home, and all of the air-freshener products I've gone through to keep things sniff-friendly (let's just say, when cats are a part of your family air-fresheners are never a bad thing).

Well last night I put my new Scentsy fresheners to the test, and let me just say, I've got a really good feeling about them so far.

First, let me give you the details of my order.  In my home, I feel like there are three key problem areas...(1) the laundry room, (2) the kitchen, (3) the master bathroom.  We keep the litter-box, cat food, etc. in the laundry room, the garbage can in the kitchen, and there's just something about rooms with moisture, like the master bath, that spread a musty smell throughout the entire house.  These are the three main problem areas in my home, so these were the areas I kept in mind with my Scentsy order.

That's a lot of boxes, I know...but those boxes hold my large warmer, mid-size warmer, and my outlet plug-in warmer.   Here's how I used these warmers to tackle my home's scent-sationally challenged areas...

Laundry Room Solution:  Plug-in Warmer

Master Bath Solution:  Mid-Size Warmer

Kitchen Solution:  Large Warmer

So far, I am absolutely in love with all three of my Scentsy warmers!  Here's what I like about them...

  1. They are decorative, so they fit right in with my existing home decor.
  2. They project the scent further than any other air-freshener I have tried.  The large warmer in the kitchen is by far the most powerful.  When it gets warmed up, the scent spreads throughout all of the main living areas in my house, and almost through the bedrooms too.
  3. I can already tell they are going to last me for a very long time before I ever need to purchase new scents.  We only turn them on when we are home, which means the scents are not wasted while no one is around to enjoy them.  It's a novel concept, I know.

The only down side to the warmers that I have noticed thus far is that they come with a very long cord. It's not really a valid complaint, I guess.  I mean, how else would they work without a way to plug in, right?  

I'm just extremely phobic of cords.  Maybe phobic is not the right word...perhaps, intolerant.  I can't stand them!  So, you can only guess the great lengths I went through to keep the cords as hidden as possible.  I even tucked the cord from the large warmer inside my utensil crock!  Ha!

Considering that is my only complaint, I'd say these warmers are winners.  They are definitely investment pieces, but if you choose styles that are relatively transitional, you should get several years of use out of them.

It's a good thing that I had already placed my order before I saw this little guy in their catalog... 

Wouldn't that be such an adorable piece during the holidays?  Especially since the way your home smells is very important while entertaining.  Not sure what scents to try?  I've smelled them all, so stuff that turkey with a few wax pieces from my recommended list of seasonal scents.

You can check out more Scentsy products, here.  It looks like they have a lot of new warmers for the upcoming holidays, which could be great gifts for you or for someone on your list.

PS...Top photo, and turkey warmer image were found in the Scentsy catalog

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