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The Christmas Thrift

So, you probably already know that Kelli and I are HUGE DIY’ers, but we’re also pretty big thrifter’s as well.  In fact, I am pretty sure that our first bonding experience came in result of a trip to Saver’s.  Although we almost saw the demise of our friendship in the same Saver’s store, over some invisible shelves.  We’ve obviously recovered.

As I mentioned, with family coming in town, I’m on a mission to decorate my house in a full Christmas wonderland.  But, I also don’t want to spend too much money on it either.

My solution – DIY and thrift!

Soooo… I took a trip to Goodwill.  And what did I find?  Let me show you! 

Santa Pitcher 

This little beauty was only $3.99!  I told my husband that it is going to be perfect for serving hot chocolate on Christmas Eve.  His response:  It’s fine for decoration too.  He’s right, because at $3.99 this Santa pitcher can be anything he wants to be :)


Sleigh with pine cones

Last year, I saw a sleigh at Hobby Lobby that I knew would be just perfect for my fireplace.  But, it’s price tag made me think otherwise.  Good thing, because a good thing came to this girl who waited.

At $3.99, this Santa sleigh came home with me!


Silver Christmas Tree

From across the Goodwill store, I eyed this Christmas tree, knowing that it would be the perfect addition to my home.  As I made my way over, a woman took it down from the shelf.  TEARS! 

I finished my shopping while sulking and eventually made my way to the check-out line.   While waiting, the woman that had taken my tree put it back!  I ran over, snatched it and brought it home for $3.99. 

Notice a trend? Every single item that I bought was $3.99.  Making my grand total for three (GOOD) Christmas decorations $11.97.  Of course, I donated my 3 pennies to Goodwill charities. 

Christmas thrift and a good cause = happiness!

And PS - The sleigh and the christmas tree have found a temporary home next to my fireplace.  I have yet to decide if they will stay here or find a home somewhere else in my house.


Do you have any Christmas thrift stories to share?  Leave us a comment to fill us in on your thrift’s!  (We wouldn’t mind a few pointers either!)

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