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Pink and Grey Chevron 


Every year, I vow to spend less on Christmas gifts, and more on things that are meaningful.  This year, I am bringing my vow to fruition and DIYing a few gifts.

A couple of months ago, I painted a few Chevron paintings for my built in shelf in my kitchen.  I have received a ton of compliments on them!  So, since everyone likes them so much, I figured it would be the perfect background for a quote on canvas.  

I searched Pinterest for a bit before I found the most appropriate one.  The quote fits my recipient and her age quote well.  And since the quote comes from one of the most feminist icon’s on the planet, I went with a pink and grey chevron background.

“Happy girls are the prettiest” – Audrey Hephurn

To create the chevron design, I cut out a piece of cardboard from an old shoebox.  To ensure that the V’s in the chevron were symmetrical, I cut my first zigzag and used the triangle for the rest.

Using my chevron template, I traced it onto the canvas.    

The only reason why I traced the template with a pencil rather than using the template directly onto the canvas, as I did last time, was because I used a dark color.  With dark colors, you can use a pencil, since the color will cover your lines.  However, if you are using a light color, use your template directly onto the canvas.  It takes a bit longer, since you have to wait for paint to dry before proceeding, but it’s worth avoiding the pencil lines. 

 Once my grey had dried, I painted in the pink.   



I used a thin slanted paint brush to assist with avoiding any pink paint in the grey.  If you don’t have one and would like to paint a chevron, I definitely advise you to get one! 

Lastly, I added my quote.  It took a bit to make the decision to use a Sharpie marker over paint.  My ultimate deciding factor was the idea that my handwriting would turn out funky using paint.  However, since the Sharpie marker was the “Brush” design, it turned out very similar to what paint would have looked like.

End result:  

Do you think that she’ll like it?

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