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We’ve got less than a week before Thanksgiving and I am ready to decorate for Christmas. 

I love Christmas.  I love Christmas decorating and I LOVE Christmas baking. 

As much as I love Christmas decorating, I seem to have a bit of a complex when it comes to taking down my regular home décor.  Perhaps, it is because I have worked so hard to perfect and put it up, I almost cry at the thought of replacing it.

However, this year, we have guests flying in from out of town to celebrate Christmas with us.  Since their state provides them with a white Winter Wonderland, I am going to try and make my home feel just as cozy in its 70 degree splendor.

There is one problem in my grand plan: I need more Christmas decorations.  So, to save dinero, I am opting for as much DIY as I can think of.

My first project:  Mod Podged Block Letters

I will admit that when I walked into Joann’s (coupon in hand of course), I didn’t have a plan.  Instead, I was depending solely on the inspiration of the displays and items when I walked into the store.  And as luck would have it, this came the instance the double doors slid open. 

Right next to the shopping carts, sat a display of plain wooden letters laid out in the word “Noel”. 

Inspiration:  check.

In the pure marketing splendor, the letters were 50% off.  Priced normally at $2.49 per piece, I purchased each letter for $1.25.

Next, I found scrapbook paper to make my DIY project complete.  At first I was going to go with blue and silver paper, since that is the color of my dining room where I will be placing the letters, but I opted instead for the traditional red and green.  I do not regret it.

The sheets were $.99 a piece, resulting in a total of $3.96 for scrapbook paper. 

Grand total: $ 8.96.

Not too shabby.

My first step in mod podging my letters, was tracing the letters on to paper.  To avoid nasty lines, I used the flipside of the scrapbook paper to trace.

Upon the start of the project, I had thought to mod podge the letter in its entirety.  However, after tracing each side of the “N”, I realized that in doing so, my letters may come out a bit messy.

So, instead, I opted to paint each side red since that is the color paint that I had on hand.

As the paint was drying, I noticed a mistake.  Since I had traced the letters on the flipside of the paper, I should have flipped the letters.  Whoops!

After correcting my mistake, I cut out each of the letters and started the mod podge process.   I mod podged the letter first to glue on the paper and then mod podged the top of the paper.  I did this about three times to create a glossy look. 

And here is my final result:

 I placed the letters on the piano in the dining room since this is where we place our tree every year. 

What do you think? 

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