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5 Things Friday: Falling for Fall

Browsing the Wal-Mart isles today, I realized that I am head over heels for fall. I adore the colors, the smells, the decorations, and of course the weather. And although Phoenix doesn’t give us the beautiful leaves, it doesn’t stop us from adorning our homes with all things fall. Here are my top 5 faves of the season.

1--OPI Skyfall

Image Source

If you’re an OPI fan like me, then you know that they release various campaigns, editions, and selections of their colors. This fall, OPI has released a special Bond edition: James Bond. I’m a bit obsessed, because like the amazing company that they are, the colors are so appropriate for the fall season. Right now, I’m sporting the maroonish shade of “Skyfall”. Perfect for fall and will match wonderfully with my cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving.

Tip: Want to look fancy, yet sophisticated for the Holiday party? DIY your pretties with “Goldeneye”, a golden glittery color of perfection.


Image Source

There isn’t a fall without the taste of pumpkin. In my house, we are gobbling up Pumpkin bars left and right. Spicy, yet sweet, the pumpkin bar is great for breakfast, dessert, or anything in between. Click here for a homemade recipe from Betty Crocker.

Tip: Make yourself with this fabulous hand-made recipe, or purchase her pre-mixed bag of goodness. (On sale this week at Target for $1.99 per bag). Both have been tested by the Randall fam and I lean a little more for the pre-mixed bag due to the sweet, savory taste of butter.

3--Table Linens

Image Source

I love table linens. They dress up a room and are so… nostalgic. Tablecloths represent the home, the home cooked meal, and the woman who does it all. Every season, I change our kitchen tablecloth to match the holiday that season represents. My kids love to help with the process, pulling it out of the bag or the box that it comes in and putting on the table (crooked, sideways, and all the in between). Immediately, they ask me to serve them something to christen the new goods.

Right now, I am loving this gold colored tablecloth from Target. It’s great for a Thanksgiving meal and a Christmas party.

Tip: Make your own tablecloth! Steal the measurements from the store (the one shown above is a 60X84) or measure your table and add 4.5 inches to each side.

4--Fall Fashion

We pin and dream about it all year long and here it is upon us: Fall Fashion. As much as I love to dress myself in long sleeves, boots, and scarves, I love to dress up my daughter even more. It’s a bit ironic, because I hardly ever dress her in skirts in the summer, but come fall, it’s an every other day occurrence.

Here she is in one of my favorite outfits this year:

  • Top: Old Navy clearance last season - $3.49

  • Skirt: Goodwill find – Children’s Place - $2.99

  • Stockings – Carter’s clearance last season - $1.99

  • Boots- Hand-me downs

Tip: It doesn’t have to match perfectly; it just has to look cute!


Image Source

One of my favorite loves of the colder months is making chili. Not only is chili delicious, but it’s cheap and it makes plenty. This is my favorite recipe, which is enough to feed my family of four and gives us enough for three days of lefts over’s (that you’ll actually want to eat for that long)!

Cook 2 pounds ground Italian sausage (you can use beef, but I love the Italian sausage better)

Put in large kettle with-

1.5 cups water

1 can chili beans

1 can drained whole kernel corn

1 can pinto beans rinsed and drained

1 can Italian stewed tomatoes

1 can diced tomatoes with jalapenos

1 small can of green chilies

1 package of ranch dressing mix

Serve with sour cream, cheese, and tortilla chips.

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