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Style Mooching: Country Living Cottage Porch

Let's Style Mooch this country porch from Country Living, shall we?

What is Style Mooching? 

It's where we take inspirational spaces to a whole new level!  The process is simple...I find an inspiring room and show you where to find nearly identical items for what you see in the photo...that way, you can recreate the same look in your own home.  In other words, we'll be mooching some fabulous style from the most sought after designers out there.

Posh or quaint, modern or traditional, nothing is off limits for a good ol' Style Mooch!

I can't always guarantee to find the best deal, or even to find an exact match for a product...but, each board will give you a general direction to take your shopping list to bring your own space to life.

To recreate this cozy country porch, try this shopping list on for size:


First, let's give credit where credit is due!  This Style Mooch is based off of the Cottage Porch from Country Living's Porch and Patio Ideas photo gallery.  I loved the blue & white combinations that were used in this space, and the subtle lilac accents.  If I had a porch, I think a space like this would be a great place to curl up with a book on a Sunday morning.


Set the tone of this space with a blue striped duvet cover, like this one from Oviris.  Or, look for a quilted version on Etsy.


Keep this space grounded by adding a subtle print beneath your feet.  A rug, like this one from Rug Studio, creates a visual boundary for your furniture grouping.


Use a soft daybed, like this one from LL Bean, to create a cozy place to curl up and watch the sunset. The decorative details of an iron frame, will enhance your country theme.


Place a pillow on a wicker chair, like this one from Ikea, to add additional seating.  This will make your space a great place to entertain visitors.


Try as I may, I could not find an exact replica of the pedestal table from this picture, but I did find this one from Necessary Luxuries that had a similar look and feel.  It's a bit pricy, so I would actually recommend keeping an eye on Craigslist for a similar table that could be painted in a soft gray color.


A decorative garden stool, like this one from Rakuten, makes a great side table without taking up a lot of space.  I love looking for discounted garden stools at Home Goods, Ross, and TJ Maxx.  At these stores, garden stools are typically priced between $40-$70.


Paisley pillows add subtle print and accent color to the daybed linens.  Try something like these pillows from Etsy, found here and here.


Top off your pedestal table with a large vase, like this one from Etsy, filled with an arrangement of natural flowers.  Go for a vintage piece to achieve a cottage look.

You've just Style Mooched!

I hope you've enjoyed this Style Mooching session!  If you have a room that you've pinned that you would like Style Mooched, send me an email and I'll take a stab at it.

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