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A Mom in the Holiday Spirit but not with the Holiday Time

Every August, I start to plan my holiday season:  crafts, decorations, baking, cooking, activities, etc.  I create or add to my Pinterest boards and the abundance of ideas is absolutely over-whelming and exciting that I can barely sleep.  I have the “perfect” children’s costumes in my head, which I have every intention of making, even listing the materials that I will need to complete them. 

And then, I don’t do anything.  Or maybe, I do something…but definitely no match to the plans that I had in my head.  The guilt sets in and the motivation to do something next year sets in.

A few nights ago, I sat scrolling through the Pinterest feeds, pinning great holiday ideas.  My guilt, over-whelmed by the fact that it was two days from Halloween, was over-whelming.  I didn’t do any fun crafts.  I had wanted to make my daughter a Robin costume to coincide with my son’s Batman get-up, but not finding the perfect red leotard left me with the purchase of an adorably, easy Strawberry Shortcake costume (equipped with green striped tights and all- can you blame a girl?).

Feeling like a complete mom failure, I pinned every Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas craft that I came across.  All of the Halloween crafts simple enough to have completed this month, and all not done by this lady, who claims herself to be a super-mom.  What a fraud.

Then a light bulb went off: I still had a whole two days!  Yes, I may work full-time and have a chalk-full schedule, but I totally have enough time to squeeze in a kid craft or two.  So, what did I do?  Grabbed my Michaels coupon and headed off to the store where I picked up canvas, paint, and headed home. 

My purchases:

Large Pumpkin: $9.99

Black Buttons: $2.49

Craft Paint: $.69 each

Ribbon: $1.00

Fall Colored Paper: $1.00

Canvas: 7 for $9.99 *used my coupon- originally $19.99

Craft #1--Boo Pumpkin

I did this one while the kiddos painted the canvases orange.  It was really simple – glue gun buttons into a “Boo”!  I left the glue reminisce because I felt like it looked like a spider web.  Kind of spooky, right?

Craft #2--Fun with Paint

The canvases, as I mentioned above, were first painted orange by the little ones.  With the spider hands, we each put our hand down to make a family of spiders, while the feet were just the kiddos.  The hands were much easier to make (and clean) than the feet.  With the feet, my husband took my son, while I took my daughter, stamped them down and ran to the bathroom for cleanup.  

What do you think? 

I used them as props for our fireplace and the backdrop for their costume pictures.

I am already into planning our Thanksgiving/Fall crafts.  Do you have any easy, fun ideas for toddlers that I can try out?  

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