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Sprucing up the Countertop

A few days ago, I let you all in on my excitement over the opening ceremonies for this year's painting season.  In that post I promised to share updates on the items that went up on the table to receive their makeovers, and today I finished up a transformation that I'd like to share.

You may remember this post from a while back where I took Martha Stewart's advice to help organize my kitchen countertop.

Usentils sorted by finish...check.  Group everything on a tray...check.  Add pops of white...check.

Everything about Martha's inspiring organizational tip was working perfectly...that is, except the old, beat-up tray that I scored at Savers for a few bucks.

So on the table it went...

...and it came out in a satin white...

But I had no plans of stopping there.  No sir.

A few months ago I found this pretty shelf-liner paper at Home Goods in the "I'll get you while you're waiting in line" isle.  Apparently, I'm a sucker for this marketing ploy because I just couldn't resist adding two of these packages into my cart.

I've got big plans for this pretty paper, which means you'll probably see it pop up on the blog someday down the road...but today, these soft blue tones were just what I needed to add that extra "something" to my little tray makeover.

The process was pretty simple...nothing a little Mod-Podge couldn't handle...

First, I traced around the bottom of the tray on to the paper...

Then, I doubled up the pencil and traced around the line one more time to offset slightly inward.  I did this because I wanted the piece of paper to fit easily into the inside of the tray without overlapping onto the sides.  Cutting along the inside line left me with a cut-out that was just the right size.

Once everything was cut, I applied a thin layer of Mod-Podge to the bottom of the tray...working very quickly to cover the entire surface before the glue dried...

Then, I pressed the paper into position and smoothed out the bubbles...

After the glue had dried I applied a coat of Mod-Podge to the top of the paper to create a sealed surface.  Once that coat had dried, my tray was ready for action!

Pretty snazzy, right?  But wait, there's more!

What you didn't know from this post (since I'm just getting around to mentioning it) is that I also updated a second tray today.  Take a look...

This one is a little different, but I thought it would tie in with the wood tones of my knife set and wooden utensils.  It was another thrift-store find that I bought at Savers, and I think it has found it's new home on my kitchen counter.

I'm sorry that some of these photos are not the best...I lost my light...but I wanted to give you guys the latest-and-greatest from the Uhrich House.  It's been a very busy weekend, which has me in the middle of several projects--but, I'm happy to report that I've wrapped up a few more that I will be sharing later this week.  I'll give you a clue about one of them...it has to do with this post from over a year ago.

I'll tell you what, though...crossing projects off the "to-do" list feels good no matter how long it took you "to-do" them!  Anyone else chipping away at this list this weekend?

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