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What to Expect When You're Expecting

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Another post, with yet another disclaimer that no, mom, I'm not pregnant...

I am, however, a newby to the whole transaction process by the one-and-only Joss & Main -- so I thought I would share a few details about my experience when ordering the rug for my living room.

So far, I've shared a few sneak peaks (here and here) of my new prize, but while you're waiting for me to get my house photo ready (aka, my house is a mess right now...not photo-worthy), here's what I learned about shopping with Joss & Main.

Overcoming Nerves

One thing that always made me nervous about shopping with J&M was the self-imposed "pressure buy" I felt when shopping.  Considering you can only reserve an item in your cart for 15 minutes, that doesn't leave a lot of time to weigh out the pros-and-cons of your purchase. 

Is that a bad thing?  Not necessarily.

If you know exactly what you're looking for when it comes to style, size, price-point, etc. then seeing your dream item in a J&M daily should pretty much be a no-brainer.  But, if you're still debating a few of the details your purchase could be a bit risky -- especially since the words Non-returnable stare you straight in the face as you're shopping.  Not helping, J&M...not helping.

But here's the deal...life is short...and it's much too short to give yourself wrinkles over something like shopping.  I'm certainly not advising against spending your dollars at J&M...I'm simply saying be prepared, and if you love an item, then love it all the way home and don't regret it.  If it doesn't work out, you can always post it on Craigslist, right?

I Wish I'd Known

Since this was my very first purchase with J&M, there were a few things I didn't know that would have made the experience better.  Let's dive in...


Even though I got a great deal on a 9x12 rug I still forked out a pretty-penny in this transaction, and because of that I was watching my bank account like a hawk at dinner time.  It surprised me that the payment was not taken out of my account until several days after I had entered in my card details.  I let you guys in on the secret of my purchase on 9/5, but my card was not officially charged until 9/10 (which was right before the item shipped).


Even though the shopping portion of a J&M transaction is extremely fast-paced, you should plan on waiting a few weeks before you actually receive your item.  They give you an estimated arrival date when you buy, so it's not like this delay was a surprise...but when you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of your dreamy item, there shipping time frame can feel like a lifetime. 

It also didn't help that they don't really update your order as they're processing it, which left me wondering if my order had actually gone through.  I was checking my account status each day, along with my bank account (since the payment hadn't been processed yet), and since nothing was changing for several days I started to get nervous.  I didn't receive any type of update on my order until they emailed me to let me know the item had shipped.  Talk about a sigh of relief!


I'm sad to report that we noticed a few small stains on the rug when we rolled it out, which had both Mark and I wondering if the rug had been a returned item from another retailer.  We couldn't tell for sure, since the stains easily looked like normal wear-and-tear that might occur throughout the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping process.  Luckily, it wasn't anything drastic or anything...just a few discolored "droplets" that were easily hidden by our sofa.  But, considering the no-return policy, it makes me wonder what options would have been available had the product truly been unsatisfactory.


In the grand-scheme of things, I was pleased with the overall experience.  I absolutely love the way the rug looks in my living room, so I'm glad that I overcame my fears and gave J&M a try.  I certainly would recommend them to anyone out there, especially now that I've learned about what to expect through the process. The next time I place an order with them, I'll go into it with the proper expectations, which hopefully eases some of the worry I experienced this time around.

Has anyone else ordered from J&M lately?  Did you have a similar experience as I did, or was my experience uncommon?  Are there any other online companies out there that you have ordered from where there were things you wish you'd known before you clicked "charge it"?  It's time for share-and-tell!


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