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Did I Ever Tell You?

Admittedly, I've been doing a lot of whining lately.

First, I whined about the dreamy house I missed out on buying...then I sobbed about the chaise lounge I lost to some unknown stranger at Savers...whine...whine...whine...

I wouldn't blame you if you were sick of me by now, but did I ever tell you that I actually scored me some great deals recently too??

That's right, it's not all doom-and-gloom around here!  Sometimes I luck out and walk away with some great buys of my own, and I'd like to share some of them with you tonight.

Let's start with my early Christmas present from the Restore...I love that place!

I guess this photo doesn't really explain what the item is, but here are a few "before" pictures to help you out...

...and here are a few "after" pictures...

Sorry, the lighting was really weird because of the Christmas tree, plus it was evening time, so the whole flash-or-no-flash thing was really causing me some issues with getting a clear shot of everything. 

As I reflected on my 2011 New Year's Resolutions a few days ago, I mentioned that Mark and I are just barely starting the process of replacing old hand-me-down furniture for new pieces.  Well, that rectangle coffee table is a perfect example!  It was given to us for free by one of my friends, and originally came with two side tables that matched.  When we purchased the new sofa, we no longer needed the side tables, but the coffee table has been in the family for years.

That is, until my birthday shopping adventure a few months ago.

I didn't buy this table at the Restore on my birthday, but Mark and I did see it as we browsed the store. There were two of them, both priced at $50.00.  Both of us thought the tables looked pretty cool...but $50 bucks???  No way!

But as we looked them over I told Mark, "if these were around $20 I'd buy one."

Well...long story short...a few weeks later I went back to the Restore to see if another item I had passed over happened to still be available (it was a 7-foot credenza for $40.00 that I thought might work in my master bedroom), but it was gone.  But, I wasn't sad because guess what was 50% off that day?  You got it, my new coffee table!

It's not really perfect, but I think it's pretty sweet for a $25 table.  Mark and I are debating whether or not to cut the legs down a bit (since it's a little too tall), but we're not really sure.  Originally, I had thought of painting it too, but I'm kinda digging the wavey wood-grain for some reason, and I think it's really helping to tie the multiple wood finishes of the room together.  We'll see what happens with it, I guess.

Now, let me transition to the story about my new credenza...

This one gives me hope because I had originally thought the credenza I found at the Restore was the 100% perfect find for my space...but then I found this one, and it's perfect too!  (I'm hoping the same fairy-tale ending will happen with the whole chaise lounge thing, but only time will tell.)

I found this credenza on New Year's Eve, so I can officially say this was my very last purchase of 2011! Pretty sweet, huh?

Sure, it's missing a door...but I'm going to knock the door out anyway for some open shelving.  Sure, it's a bit rugged, but I'm going to refinish it...and sure, there are a few chips along the bottom legs, but I'm already planning to lower it by a few inches...so problems solved!  Pretty soon, this credenza really will be the perfect fit, and all for the price of $25.00!

But wait folks, there's more!  (Did that sound info-mercial enough?)  Check out this budget-friendly, $10.00, Craigslist table...

That's not going to be it's official home within my home, but it works for right now.  I'm going to see if I can refinish this little guy and use it as my desk in the studio, but if that doesn't work, it will still make a great work table for out in the garage!

The best part of this buy was that the same seller had listed this office chair...

...for a bank-breaking $10.00!

Yep, I think I scored some pretty sweet deals...so I guess I should stop complaining about the ones I missed out on.  If there's anything to be learned from all of this, it's that the right deals will come along if you're just patient for a little while.

Here's hoping I can continue to be patient!  Ha!

Has anyone else found some great deals thrifting lately?  I can't wait to makeover these little beauties. Especially that credenza.  Once the credenza and the bookcase are madeover, I think the master bedroom is going to have a completely new feel!


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