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Yesterday, I Fell In Love

Today, I had my heart broken.

I guess that's what happens when you get attached to something...especially when it was love at first sight...and now I'm left with sweet-nothings...just memories...

It seems to be happening to me a lot lately.  I keep falling in love with things that I can't have.  It was bad enough when I found that dreamy house listing on Realtor.com the other day, but at least those were just photos.  I resisted the urge to drive-by the actual house in real life because I knew exactly what would happen.

There's just something that sparks inside of me when I fall in love with something, so let me tell you this tale of my broken heart.

Yesterday morning I was lounging around, enjoying my New Years paid-holiday from work...and then a thought came to me, but I brushed it away.  That thought..."Today's a great day to make a trip to Savers."  You see, I enjoy thrift store shopping on my days off because I can take my time to really browse.

Ultimately, I decided I would go in the afternoon and I wound up arriving for my thrifting spree at around 2 pm.  I'm only mentioning the times because they become pretty important later on in the story.

When I go to Savers, I always head straight for the window wall at the right side of the store, since that's where they always keep the furniture (plus, if you strike out with the furniture that's where all of the dishes, trays, and vases are too...so it's usually a win-win).

Yesterday was no different...except, when I made the standard turn to the right side of the store...immediately, I was gazing at this...

You know how in cartoons little hearts cover the character's eyes when they fall in love with something?? ...well, I think that might have happened to me, and I floated on clouds all the way over to take a closer look.

She was perfect!  

Nearly exact for the size and shape that I had in mind for either the foot of the bed in the master bedroom, or the sitting area in the studio.  Sure, for the master I pictured more of a sofa with two arms, and for the studio I wanted something that would pull out into a queen-size bed (like a trundle bed), but seeing her made me pretty open-minded.  I pictured a reupholstering project in my future (not that the fabric is even that bad), and a refinishing project for the frame...love, love, love, love, love!

But then I noticed something wasn't right.

...up on the top corner was a little orange sticker...a little orange sticker, that if perhaps were a really big-freakin-sticker could have saved me from a lot of heartache...

And on that sticker were the letters, S-O-L-D...

Inside I was having a tantrum like a little five-year-old, but I remained composed on the outside.  Not sure how I pulled it off, but somehow I kept it together.  But then, an evil side of me came out.  It was the side of me that wants to confront and intimidate an opponent to claim my territory.  Picture any male species (buffalo might do) featured on National Geographic during mating season...competing for the females....

Yep, that was me...competing for the chaise lounge!

A thought came to me.  I remembered that when I bought the bookcase for my master bedroom, I had to pick it up later that day since I didn't have room to take it with me at the time of purchase.  During that transaction I was told that I had 24 hours to pick it up...or else...(imagine that's said in a threatening way)...

Never before had I thought too much about what that or else meant, but I had assumed at that time it meant they reserved the right to resell the item if I failed to pick it up within the allotted time frame.


I studied the sticker...it said the pick-up deadline was 10 am, but there was no date written on it, so I didn't know if 10 am meant earlier that day (pick-up window expired, score!), or 10 am today (24 hours of hopeless waiting).  So I waited in line and asked the clerks.

They looked at me like I was foolish.  They didn't know who had bought it, or what the deal was, but they said, "if it has a 'sold' sticker on it that means someone bought it, so they'll probably pick it up." I could see the judgement in they're eyes.  It was like they were thinking, "what kind of a woman would even try to buy something that someone else had already bought?"

...the love-crazed kind would.

Then they said, "you can come back tomorrow afternoon to see if it's still here." But then one of the clerks pierced a dagger in my heart by saying, "we had two of them...did the other one sell too?"

AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!   Bleep!!!!!  Bleep!  *Censored*, bleep, and bleep! 

Not only was I a few hours late for finding one of them (remember the times from before...thought about going to Savers in the morning...put it off to the afternoon...), I missed out on two of them!  As in, one of them could have made some other person very happy, and the other could have made me very happy...but instead, now they're both making someone else very happy!  

...It's too much...

Anyhoo...this morning I was due back at work, and Savers just happens to be not too far out of the way for my commute to the office.  So, I decided to do a little drive-by (drive-by thrifting, like a gangsta').  Since the chaise was right by the window that was right by the road, I knew it would be easy to tell if the lucky buyer had actually picked her up.

Honestly, I was hoping that whoever it was had already picked it up so I could get my crazy idea of swooping in for the buy (after the 24-hour window, of course) out of my head.

But there she was...still sitting there...untouched...abandoned by her buyer...giving me hope!

At first I planned to take an early lunch and be there waiting right at 10 am...but then I thought that might seem a bit desperate.  Finally, I decided I'd swing by after work, and if the chaise was still there at that point then we were just meant to be together.

Now, I know that you're anticipating a happy ending to this story, and I'm glad to report that you'll get it...but I won't.  I guess really, there is no happy ending to this story...

If I succeed in my plot, someone else's heart gets broken, but if the chaise is gone, then my own fragile heart crumbles to pieces...and that's just what happened. 

It's funny though.  On the drive back to Savers after work, a part of me hoped that it was already gone, while another part of me hoped that I could be telling a story with a different ending tonight.  But when I saw that it was gone I imagined someone out there taking it home and bragging about their sweet thrift-store find to their family and friends.

It made me happy to think about someone else being happy like that...so I guess I didn't lose after all. But what do you think?



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Reader Comments (6)


Here's a tissue - I also have a story for you on how my heart was broken one day. :( One day my gut said to go to our local Salvation Army Store and being the kind of person that listens to her intuitive side I just had to stop. ;) Well, I found a couple of books and a couple of DVDs but nothing to write home about and then just around the corner... (SQUEAL!!!!!!) was a minature table top green house, distressed just enough, perfect size and color, and exactly what I was wanting for and looking for for YEARS! (Hang on, I need another tissue - do you?) Well, not wanting to set what I had in hand down and of course I didn't have buggy, I walked past it to finish checking out the rest of the aisle. Not two steps later, (I AM NOT KIDDING - TWO MEASELY STEPS) a woman, who had her son with her, snatched it up. (!!SOB!!) I tried to convince her that I had already claimed it; I saw it first, and well, she didn't give it up. SOB :( Do you need another tissue yet; I do. So not only did I lose the exact thing I had wanted and had been looking for for about ten years (just did a quick calculation in my head back through our many moves - we were in Wyoming when I first wanted one) BUT I met the person that spoiled my dreams and had to watch her lovingly take it to the checkout, pay for it and walk out the store with it. She was behind me the entire time I was still in the store and we checked out side by side. (My tissue box is empty and I need another.) SOB SOB SOB :( So girlfriend, I feel your pain and now I'm on the search again. I just hope that she loves it enough to appreciate it.
Therefore, I NEVER go into any resale store NOW without getting a cart first. Hard lesson learned! :(


January 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

OMG! I don't know how you kept it together! It's funny because I seriously invisioned that happening to me too. I had this feeling I was going to pull into the parking lot right as someone else was loading it into the car. I think the buffalo inside of me would have come out if I had to stand in line with them. Such a painful lesson to learn! You definitely need a cart when thrifting. In fact, I hold onto anything I'm remotely interested in until I'm done shopping, then I take a look through the cart before I check out and put back any items I've changed my mind on. That's the very reason too.

So sorry your heart was broken too! Here's hoping we both find something even better than our first thrift-store-loves.

Xo, Kel

January 4, 2012 | Registered CommenterAHPCH


I asked and asked to the point of nearly begging but she would NOT give it up. My nose is sore from all the blowing. :( How about yours?


January 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

I can totally relate to your story. Anyhow, it's nice to share joy to other people.

Hey Maureen, Definitely recouping. But this weekend I'll share the great things I found on Craigslist that are helping me to move on.


January 5, 2012 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

Definitely agree Cassie, I can only imagine the story the lucky owner is telling right now too! That's the joy of thrifting.


January 5, 2012 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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