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Tour My House: The Floorplan

You'd think I would have shared this with everyone a long time ago...but, for some reason I just never got around to creating a little floorplan of my home.  My apologies.

I'm sure it's been fun following along, trying to figure out which room I'm talking about along the way without having anything to reference.  Think of it as a game--perhaps even a challenge--something that keeps you on your toes, and puts your smarts to the test!

Or, I guess you also have the right to think of it as a bit frustrating too.

But, as of today you can lay all of your worries to rest.  You see, moving forward you'll no longer have to wonder what my photographs and videos are referencing.  You'll be able to follow along with ease!

Here's a little sketch (courtesy of Google SketchUp) of the happy place I call home:

So now that you have an idea of how my home is laid out, browse back through some of my posts to see if it helps to have a reference.   To make it easier, I've chronicled a few for you:

KITCHEN:  My Fair LadyPre-Thanksgiving Chaos

FAMILY ROOM:  A Spoonful of SugarWild, Crazy Woman on a Three Day Weekend Mission!Words, Words, Words...Did I Ever Tell You?

MASTER BEDROOM:  28 Buckeroos!Sew What?The Master PlanTour My House: Master Bedroom

MASTER BATHROOM:  A Bit Unconventional, My Fair Lady

GUEST BEDROOM:  AZ Isn't Green, But These Are...Guest Bedroom InspirationI Ran Out of Ribbon...Look What I Found!Mine, Mine, MineMirrors, Mirrors, on the WallThe Woman Who Stares At WallsTour My House: Guest BedroomTour My House: Guest Bedroom 2Yep, I Sure Did!

STUDIO:  A Studio That InspiresGearing Up

DINING ROOM:  Tour My House: Living & Dining Combo / Where We StartedA Cheery ThanksgivingAccepting Defeat...For NowGoodbye Stripes!You Light Up My Life!Yellow and Grey for Thanksgiving Day 

LAUNDRY ROOM:  Chalkboard Labels 

GARAGE (This is where I paint):  Cutest Pencils on the Planet

As you can see, I haven't given much of my attention to the laundry room, guest bathroom, living room, nook, hallway, closets, and even some of the rooms that did get a mention...but all I can say is everything happens in time.  I wish I could say there was a strategy going on behind the scenes that helped me to pin-point my next project...but I'm sure you've learned by now that my style is more of a "fly by the seat of my pants" type style.

I've added this floorplan to the Tour My House section within the Inside Peek tab.  Hopefully someday I'll be able to add more tour videos to give you an idea of how things progress along the way.  One step at a time, one step at a time!

So is anyone getting ready for the weekend?  I'm pursuing a few more Craigslist finds this weekend, and throughout the week I've been making my final fixes to the Penny Lane project I've been working on. Remember the crackling I told you about...yeah, I'm doing my best to fix it so you'd never know it happened.  Wish me luck!


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Thanks Kelli,
I LOVE floorplans!


January 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

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