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Mine, Mine, Mine

Sometimes when I'm thrifting I feel a bit like those seagulls that run around in Finding Nemo squawking, "mine, mine, mine."  

If you couldn't tell by my heart breaking story about the chaise lounge that I missed out on, I start to feel a little possessive, even before I actually land the deal.  Sometimes thrifting can be a vicious game!

But today, I was able to gain possession of the possession I had in my sights (and that's a lot of possessing if you ask me)!

Let me tell you the story of my newest prize...

This story actually starts a few weeks back when I started going on a bit of a Craigslist shopping spree.  In all of my browsing, I stumbled upon a cute china hutch that the owner had refinished to use in her little girl's room.  It was painted purple, and she had covered the back of the open shelving with a cute pink and purple print fabric.  It got me thinking...something like that would look great in my guest bedroom...but...she wanted $200.00.


I thought about it and ultimately figured it was worth looking into.  I mean, you never know what people are willing to negotiate down to...so we started the Craigslist communication game.  Unfortunately, the communication game ended with a seller who wasn't willing to sell.  I came to find out that the piece had a lot of sentimental value to the family...and long-story-short they wound up reposting their ad at a $400.00 price tag.  

Yeah, that's when you know it's time to walk away!

Though I was disappointed to miss out on that piece, I moved on to another that was equally awesome. But the seller for this hutch wanted $180.00.  I was also a bit confused by the description that the seller gave me because the picture made the hutch look much bigger than the dimensions he sent.  It made me think that he was only referring to the upper shelving unit on the hutch rather than the entire piece.

But, in between corresponding emails with this seller I stumbled upon a posting with the most perfect piece ever!  The dimensions listed in the description appeared to be just what I was looking for, and the price was spot-on...$60.00!  The downside...the posting was a few days old, so I was almost certain the hutch would already be gone...but I sent a response anyway and placed as many positive thoughts into the universe as I possibly could muster!

A few hours went by, and no response.  A sure sign that the item was already sold and I was getting the Craigslist-cold-shoulder.

But then...a response came back!  A response to my, "Hey, is the hutch still available," that simply said, "yes it is."

Yeeee Haaaaw!!!!  It was happy dance time!

After a few days of trying to line up a time to make the drive out for a viewing, we finally connected with the seller tonight.  But, the best news of all is that we were able to get the seller to knock $10 bucks off of the price, and walked away, item in hand for only $50.00!

Well, more like item on car...

Yep, that's right!  We gave this beauty a piggy-back ride all the way back to our place...in rush-hour traffic!  (btw, this pic was taken before we added the straps to hold it in place, so don't worry, it was good and tight.  In fact, it didn't budge the whole way)

It was actually pretty funny to watch people move into different lanes because they were afraid the giant cabinet on the roof of the car in front of them might fall off and destroy their car!  Ha!  The joys of thrifting adventures!

So, if you can't tell, here's where my new friend has found a home in my guest room...

My game plan is to paint it white, line the back with some type of fabric or stenciled print, and then use it as a mini-library of sorts.  I want a place for a lot of the books that we have, but I'm also planning to use the cupboard portion on the bottom to hold items for guests, like extra towels, blankets, and toiletries. 

I'm so very excited!  It will definitely be a project to make it over, but I'm anxious to see what it eventually turns into!

So what about you?  Have any of you found any neat finds through thrifting lately?  I'm just so glad that I'm able to call this hutch, dining table, cabinet, rockerbookcase, credenza, and chair...mine, mine, mine!


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Reader Comments (2)


Great find on Craig's List. That's what I love about these blogs on the web, that you can see an idea, keep it in mind and when the stars align...POOF everything works out! Nothing major to report here; no great finds, everyone's healthy and I'm looking into going back to school. How about you?


January 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaureen

Hey Maureen,

I definitely agree! That's why I love having a plan for the spaces in your home, so that you can keep a look-out for items that fall within that plan.

That's great that you're thinking of going back to school! I think education is a powerful thing. You can never have too much knowledge! Good luck!

xo, Kel

January 22, 2012 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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