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I Swore I'd Never...

When I started this blog, I swore to myself that I'd never post about my cats.  I guess there was just this fear inside of me that I'd be known as the "crazy cat lady" of the blogland, so I steered clear of anything involving felines.

But, considering my blog focuses on all things "home," it doesn't seem complete if I exclude information about who Mark and I share our home with.  We're still a young couple, without any children, but we do have a few furry faces that live under the same roof...and since you may see them wandering through some of my unrehearsed tour videos, I thought I should formerly introduce you.

Meet Zachary:

This is Zachary, and he is our trouble-maker.  He constantly runs around the house in a full sprint and jumps up to any surface he can reach.  He loves to be in the same room as Mark and I, but he absolutely hates to be held.  I think it dents his ego when he feels constrained, but we always get a laugh at his reaction when we pick him up.

We found Zach from one of my co-workers who was re-homing him, and we soon out exactly how much energy this guy has!  He is very playful and curious, and his favorite thing is chasing a laser light around the house.

Earlier this year, Zach started behaving as though he was bored, and Mark and I wondered if he needed a buddy to keep him company.  We started looking for anyone who was trying to re-home another cat, and eventually stumbled upon a Craigslist posting for this little lady...

Meet Martha Stewart:

I named this little girl, Martha Stewart, because she is one fierce lady who knows what she wants.  This photo captured the expression she has on her face 98% of the time.  It's as though she's examining you for quality control, and I always picture her thinking, "should I fire this human?"

Unfortunately, immediately when we brought her into our home we found that she and Zach did not get along very well.  In fact, that's putting it lightly...they really hated each other for a very long time.  Now, they have learned to tolerate one another, so we are finally back to more peaceful living. 

We also call Martha,"little kitty," because she is one of the tiniest cats we've ever seen.  She hates to be touched, hates to be bothered, and hates to be held, but she loves to be fed promptly at her feeding times.  She basically rules the house...so typical!

Lately, we've noticed that she has taken an incredible liking to Mark.  I'm not exactly sure why she has bonded to him the way she has, but she loves to lay by him now.  It's definitely not that way with me though...I'm still on the "don't touch me" list.  Hmmm...maybe it's because I always tickle her belly?  

Well, now you've met our furry friends, and I'm curious to learn about yours!  Leave me a comment and tell me about your pets.  What is the craziest, or the coolest pet you've ever had?  Each pet I've ever owned has always had a very unique personality.  They really add a lot to the experience we have in our homes, don't you agree?

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Reader Comments (2)


Thanks for the post about your cats. I've been exploring your blog today and really like your writing style. But it's the entry about your cats they got me - I now feel like I know you (not in a creepy way, but like a new neighbor). So, I'm glad you posted this.


September 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLu

Thank you so much! You have no idea how worried I was about this post! haha! It's difficult to know how much is too much, but I just felt it wasn't complete without talking about those silly furballs. They're part of the family! You'll probably be seeing more of them in the future.

Thanks for checking in! xo, Kelli

September 17, 2011 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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