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A Spoonful of Sugar

Am I the only one who's totally ga-ga for flatware art?

A few days ago, I found these inspirational ideas on Pinterest, and I've been thinking about making my own version ever since.

For a while now, I've been wanting to create an art arrangement on the little wall near the kitchen, and I thought something like this would be simple enough to work with the decor in both the kitchen and the family room (since they're adjacent to one another).

It's a perfect little place to hang the chalkboard I made for my friends bridal shower, but I also wanted to tie in a key holder that Mark and I were given as a wedding gift.  We've had this key holder in every single place that we've lived, and it's not that it's sentimental, it's more that it's just so functional!

Well, the key holder is red, so I thought it might look pretty sweet if I painted some spoons to match it...but I didn't have any spoons that would work.  So, yesterday I dropped by Savers on my way home and I found the perfect frames and some pretty cool spoons!

The frames were $2.99 each and the spoons were about a dollar each.  I was originally thinking I would frame three spoons in the larger frame, one spoon in the smaller frame, and arrange them something like this:

But then I found that the back on the little frame was super-glued nice and tight.  Boo!  You'd think I'd learn to check that first, but somehow I still am surprised by these things.

I tried to pry it off with a screwdriver, but I was just tearing off the top layer.  It reminded me of the issues I encountered during my chandelier project, so I figured that I should stop before I destroyed my chances of returning it to Savers.  I was bummed that it didn't work out and has to be returned, but I just couldn't see these little fish fitting in anywhere...

I guess they'll have to find another home somewhere.  Hopefully somewhere with a kids room. 

But, anyhoo...I moved on and found another arrangement that I liked.

Obviously, I will need to change out the pictures in the frame on the right, but I figured I'd take care of the spoon project today and find new photos later.

First, I gave the spoons a coat of primer.

Then, I mixed some paint to match the key holder, and painted the fronts of the spoons.

It took about three coats to clear up all of the white streaks, but it didn't require that much paint. 

As I waited for the paint to dry on the spoons, I used some leftover paint from the guest bedroom samples and painted a piece of canva paper (the same kind I used for the heart art I made for the shower) to use as the backdrop.

When everything was dry, I used some glue dots that I had to secure the spoons to the canva-paper.

I could have just used my hot-glue-gun, but I was too impatient today to wait for it to heat up.  The glue dots seemed to hold the spoons just fine though.

I really like how the red and the black tie together within the arrangement.  I'm thinking when I change out the pictures in the frame I'll try to incorporate a touch more of red in the three bottom openings.  I'm thinking some numbers, probably our anniversary date or something, but I think that would give it just the right balance.

Now we can leave each other love notes, plus we won't lose our keys anymore!  Talk about a functional art display!!!  What do you guys think?

Does anyone else lose their keys all of the time?  I am terrible!  Between my keys and my cell-phone I think I'm always looking for something that's lost!

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Reader Comments (2)

Cute silverware art! I've been eying those painted spoons on Pinterest too.
I think it looks great...and I really like the length of your spoons. Extra long. :)

September 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNichole K

Thanks Nichole!

I felt kinda bad painting over them. They were pretty nice spoons. Oh well, now they're nice art! haha!

xo, Kelli

September 26, 2011 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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