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The Places I've Called Home

Most of the time, I'm pretty happy to live in Arizona.

You can't beat the weather from October through April, but from May through September you had better be able to stand the heat!  I noticed this year that I feel more-and-more acclimated to the Arizona climate.  For some reason, 105 doesn't feel that hot anymore.  Maybe it's because I've lived in Arizona my entire life.

Yep, I'm a native...but I've bounced around the state from time-to-time.  Here's a little trip down memory lane for the places I've called home:


Well, it wasn't really on the prairie, but it was a little house in a small farming community.  

The house was a cute two bedroom that my dad designed for our family. There's only me and my sister, so it was perfect for the four of us.  I was just a little girl, but I remember the house had a big backyard with grass and a tall tree (I think it was an oak tree, but my folks will need to help me out on that one...). 

I remember that we had a lot of cats at that house, and we named them all after Disney characters--Donald, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Bambi, Thumper, etc.  I think we had so many cats because my sister and I would explore my grandpa's barn (which was nearby) and bring home all of the baby kitties we found in the haystack.  Now that I'm older, I think about those poor mamma cats that went out hunting and came back to find that their babies had been stolen by two little country girls--but at the time I remember thinking that we had saved some lost kittens from their doom.  Maybe that's why I'm so nervous about being known as the cat-lady of blogland (click here for more deets on that).

We also used to have a really mean dog named Nina, but imagine that with the little squiggly ~ over the second N, and pronounce it "Neen-ya" (with attitude).  I think that we should have named her Mean-ya because she would always chase us when we would go outside.  She was only allowed in the portion of the backyard that was closest to the house door, so I remember running for my little life from the back door to the "safe zone" that was out of reach from her snippity teeth.

I'm not sure why my parents had such a mean dog, but then again I'm only remembering it from a toddler's perspective.  It might have been that I was just terrified of dogs and over-dramatized the whole thing.  It seems that I did the same thing with the shed that we had in our backyard.  I remember thinking that thing was huge, but a few years ago I visited the old house and couldn't believe how tiny it actually is!  It's crazy how your perspective changes with time.


You might remember this house from the bridal shower pics I posted a few weeks ago.  This is the house I would technically say that I grew up in, only it didn't always look like this.  

When we moved into the house it was completely unfinished.  It had wood floors, but not the kind that real-estate agents brag about!  The entire thing was basically sub flooring and sheet-rock.  My parents got a great deal on the place and bought it mid-construction.  Too bad blogging didn't really exist back then, because I'm sure they had some interesting adventures as they turned the house into what you see in the picture above.

It was at this house that my dad used the backyard to build a huge BBQ pit (that I posted about here); but, our backyard also had a horse corral for our pony Tory (yes, we had a pony!), and a practice mound for when I was a pitcher on the softball team!  All I can say is...only in a small town is this stuff possible...

We'd never get away with having a pony in the city!


My first adventure away from home started at a house that was practically in the center of my college's campus.  I lived there the first semester with Breezy, Kileigh, Mary, and Trish; but for the second semester Mary and Trish moved out and Dre, Shawna, and Kristy moved in.  Talk about a mad house! There was always something going on!  Because we lived so close to the campus, we always had people stopping by to say hello.

I remember one time we came home to find all of our sinks and toilets filled with goldfish.  It was a silly prank that some boys played on us, and what a terrible prank it was!  Never, ever, ever, fill your toilets (or anyone else's) with fish!  Pretty self-explanitory, I know...but try telling that to college freshmen.


After my first year of college, I transferred schools and moved to the Phoenix area.  I moved with my roommate Kileigh, and her sister Lexi moved in with us too.  Then Elisha moved in to make it four.  

I remember thinking that apartment was so nice when we moved into it, but it quickly went down the shoot.  But we soon found that many of our college friends lived in the same complex (apparently it was college student budget friendly), so it wound up being pretty fun even though the garbage disposal didn't work, and pigeons laid eggs on the balcony.

I had a pet fish at this apartment, but sadly I accidentally killed it.  I put the bowl near one of the windows, thinking that fishy would like some sunlight, but sunlight in Arizona doesn't have the same effect as sunlight in other places.  It's like the scorch of death, and sadly the fish got over-heated. Poor little guy!  I felt so terrible!


There's really not much to say about this apartment, other than it was much nicer than my first apartment.  I lived here with Lexi and Elisha, and then we had a girl named Kasha living with us for a while.  We were all really busy at the time, so not a whole lot went down.

I do remember that Lexi and I used to share groceries, and one time we accidentally ate Kasha's jam. Lexi thought that the jam was mine, and I had seen Lexi eating it, so I thought it was hers.  We woke up the next morning to find a "love note" from Kasha requesting that we stop eating her food immediately.  I felt terrible, but now that I look back it's funny how different it is to live with roommates, vs. family.


This was Mark and I's first apartment, and it was kinda gloomy.  Not because of us...just because it literally was gloomy.  All of the finishes were straight from the 80's (yeah, that's right, we had metal doors that were painted to look like wood and were accented with brushed-gold knobs and trim. Jealous??)

The apartment was on the first floor, and each of the windows were shaded by the patios from the second floor.  That made for cooler temperatures during the summer-time, but after a few years of living there we decided that we needed some sunlight.

The funniest part about this place was the washer and dryer.  It was a stackable set, that could literally wash about four napkins at once.  It wasn't even worth the water it used.  I remember hauling all of our laundry to the laundry rooms they had at the complex.  If no one else was using them, I would take up all four of the washers/dryers to get all of our laundry done at once.  It was like laundry on steroids!  I kinda miss it, and wish that I had four washers now!


Because we needed sunlight, we moved to this charming apartment that had a lot of natural lighting.  It was a little smaller than the first place, but instead of having a second bedroom it had a dining room. I'm not sure how we crowded into that place, but we both loved that apartment!  We loved the neighborhood, the complex, and everything else! 

I was in my senior year of my design program by this time and I remember having all of my samples spread out across the floor when I would work on my projects.  We didn't have a table, so I got in the habit of finding any available space to work.  It's a habit that I still have today.  I'm trying to learn how to blog in an ergonomic way (you know, something that doesn't destroy my muscles and joints), but it's still more comfortable for me to lay on the floor than sit at a desk.

By the way, if you're living in a tight space, like our little one-bedroom, check out my article on space saving tips for small spaces!



This is where we are now (click here for the story behind our first home).  I don't think it will be our last move, but we definitely plan to be here for quite some time.  I'm loving having our own place, and being able to turn it into a home.  It takes time, but I love to see how each room evolves.  There's a lot more to do, but you know I'll be sharing every detail along the way!

So now you know about the places I've lived.  Tell me about some of the places you've lived.  How many times have you moved?  Do you feel like you've finally settled into the place you'll call home forever?  I'm anxious to see who's moved the most.

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