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I am happy to report that things seem to be working on my chandlier project...and let's all cross our fingers that I can have everything wrapped up by Monday night at the latest.  

I'm hoping to actually be able to post on the completed project tomorrow evening, but there is still much to be done.  I really under-estimated this project!  I look back and laugh at my former self who thought that I could tackle the chandee in one weekend!  Ha, I say!  Ha!

And so for now, I'd like to revisit the Pinterest Challenge (hosted by Young House Love, Bower Power, Style by Emily, and Making a House a Home).

There were so many amazing projects that were submitted, but here are a few that I repinned!

This floating inspiration board was submitted by WithyWindle, and was inspired by this Pinterest pin:

What's interesting about this is that it is the very pin that inspired one of the pieces I made for my friend's bridal shower a few weeks ago.  Can you tell?

And, since my plan is to turn the bridal shower version back into an "everyday" version, WithyWindle's version will now serve as my new inspiration!  See how the inspiration love continues to be passed on? Who knows where it will go next!

I also was inspired by this coffee filter chandelier from A Girl and A Key,

which was inspired by these DIY capiz chandeliers:

These were actually some of the pins that inspired my chandelier project, and I'm thinking of trying the coffee filter version in the master closet.  It would look amazingly glamorous there!

I also loved this pillow from The Sassy Pickle:

It was inspired by this pin:

Not only did I love this project, I loved the pin too...so I repinned them both!  I think a pillow like this would look great in the master bedroom, or even in the family room.  It looks pretty simple too, so I might try it out sometime soon.

Lastly, this DIY tufted headboard from Dream Book Design provided an excellent tutorial that is worth holding on to!

I didn't really see an inspiration pin to go along with it, but I'm glad they posted it anyway.  I'm getting pretty close to kicking off a DIY headboard project for the guest bedroom, and this project was a great inspiration.  Not only did they do a great job, they also were very thrifty, which is exactly what I'm going for!  They found a velvet fabric for just $3.99 per yard!  Amazing!

Well, that's it for now.  What were some of your favorite projects from the Pinterest Challenge?  Did you like the various adaptations of ideas across the web?  I thought it was great to see how people incorporated their inspiration into their projects.  Can't wait to show you guys my completed project! Check back tomorrow evening for the latest!



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