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Let's Recap: June 2011-Aug. 2011

Wow!  It's been a little while since my last recap, so I thought I'd write up quick summary of all of the fun I've been having lately.  

There's been plenty to keep me busy around here, so here's what you may have missed:

I kicked off June with a simple spray-paint make over for the green mirrors in the guest bedroom.  Even though I plan to use green as an accent color, the just weren't the tone I had in mind.  A few coats of white spray-paint did the trick, and this project only took a few hours from prep to finish.

When Father's Day rolled around, I made this grilling-themed gift basket to give to my dad.  I didn't get an opportunity to hand-deliver it until just recently, but it was fun to finally get to see his reaction!  I hope he will be able to put it to some good use!

In mid-June, I discovered the creative black-hole, also known as Pinterest.  Love-at-first-site barely describes the feeling I had when I first started pinning!  Since that time, I've gone from 180 pins to 927 pins of pure-genius inspiration, and there's no end in site!

These mini-topiaries were a fun homemade accessory project.  I used the same color for the rims of the vases as I used for these lamps previously.  Eventually, I plan to make a few more accessory pieces in this color so that I can tie in the shade throughout the room.

To wrap things up, I made good on an I-Owe-You, and finally got around to making this pasta-themed gift basket for my mom's birthday.  It was a few months late, but I guess you could also think of it as being really early for next year!  Ha!

In July, I took a little staycation, where I found a few deals at Savers, and started prepping for my friend's bridal shower decorations.

The bridal shower was tons of fun, and it produced projects like these vegetable-can vases...

...these DIY'd paper streamers...

...these adorable pencils...

...this easy (and cheap) heart-art...

...this framed chalk-board...

...and these cute candles...whew!

Somehow in-between all that, I managed to graduate from my MBA program, brainstorm/experiment for my chandelier project, roll out my Best of Blogland site content, and find more great shopping deals at Savers & Ross!

In August, I tried to finish this art project I've been neglecting since January, but unfortunately I ran out of ribbon.  I was only able to finish 2 out of 5 canvases.  What a bust!  I guess, it's still on the to-do list...and perhaps even the redo list.  Oh, well.

At least I got this one right...eventually...

A good few weeks of August was spent wracking my creative brain power to try to figure out how to DIY a fancy-schmancy chandelier.  I worked on this lovely lady for countless hours (seriously I lost track), but my patience was rewarded with the final product.  I can't believe how well it turned out!

After the chandelier project, I was pretty pooped!  After all, this isn't my "day job," remember.  So, to recoup a little bit, I toned down the projects wrapped things up with this simple glass tinting craft to turn grape-jelly jars into candles.

WOW!  It's been a busy few months!  My favorite project was definitely the chandelier, but I'm curious to see what your favorites were.  Feel free to take a vote by leaving me a comment!

If you missed any of those projects along the way, don't forget to subscribe to content updates, "like" on Facebook, and "follow" on Twitter.  There are more great projects to come!

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