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A Touch of Gold

Happy Saturday, everyone!

It's been a crazy week around here, so to recoup, I indulged myself with a little creative therapy.  I figured it was time to add another Inspiration Board to the library, which gave me a good opportunity to play with a golden color scheme.

I wanted to put together a scheme that combined both traditional and modern elements.  For some reason, I feel spaces with these characteristics have a layered and comfortable feeling.  This scheme uses warm neutrals, accented by soft blues and ivory to create a timeless look of comfortable style.

1.  The color scheme starts with a light neutral wall color that hints of yellow undertones.  Something similar to Dunn Edwards Natural Wool (DE5441).  As always, you'll want to test several colors within the space to see which looks best.  Every room has differences in the way light reflects from the paint, but the main thing is to find a color that has a bit more punch than regular ol' tan.  Within this color scheme, you will use touches of gold, natural tan, ivory, and deep wood tones.

2. This buffet from the Martha Stewart collection at Home Decorators ($529.00) is one of the modern elements within the space.  The clean lines on this buffet compliment the curved lines of the traditional pieces within the space.  Using a modern buffet gives you an opportunity to hang an ornate frame, or mirror above.

3. This chair from World Market ($99.00) adds a traditional, old-world feel; yet also generates an industrial vibe, which is very popular in modern design.  It's the perfect blend of both old and new!

4. The traditional design of this pedestal table from Ballard Designs ($699.00) creates a jumping-off point.  Just like you contrast colors between dark and light, and textures between rough and smooth, you want to contrast styles to create a layered look.  Pairing this table with the industrial chair works well, but take it even further by adding a large modern floral arrangement of tulips.

5. This rug from West Elm ($199.00 for a 5x8) adds natural texture within the space.  Rugs are a great way to incorporate more textiles into a dining room, but this rug not only adds layered texture, it's also functional because the tones won't show dirt or stains as white textiles would.

6. These silk curtain panels from West Elm ($89.00) create a feeling of elegance within the space. They also play off of the natural textures of the rug by offering a contrasting visual softness.  For me, I think the price tag is a bit steep, so I would probably just look for some fabric, and make them myself, using this no-sew method

7. This chandelier from Shades of Light is priced at $1995.00.  Let's all say it together...YIKES!  That's insane!  But, don't you worry!  You might remember that we're all DIY chandelier pro's around here.  You can use a similar method to the one I used here to create your own version of this lovely chandelier. I'll bet you can even make it for less than $50.00 if you wanted to.

8. The soft gold finish on this mirror from Z-Gallerie ($199.00) is the jewelry that a dining room needs. Going for something metallic is a good choice here, as long as you steer clear from tacky metallic.  We all know what I'm talking about here.  You want the finish to look natural, not fake.

9. These hurricane candles from Z-Gallerie ($29.95 for the 8", $9.95 for the 3") add a bit more sparkle to the room.  The dark bases compliment the darker tones of the furniture pieces, and the hurricanes themselves will look ivory without the candle, and gold when lit.  Either color will compliment the scheme.

10. These linen placemats from Z-Gallerie  $35.80 add a touch of natural softness to the space.  They work well with the West Elm rug, and also the curtains.  The best thing about table setting textiles is that they can be changed out whenever you want to create entirely different looks!

11. For place settings, a classic ivory dish set will add versatility.  This dish set from CB2.com ($4.95 each) has simple hues that go well within the current scheme, but they'll also work if you choose to change out any of the accessories.

I wish that I could have a million dining rooms within my house!  Each time I put a board together it makes me want to change up the plan I have for my own space.  But that's the fun part about it...I get to imagine all of these great spaces, and hopefully someone out there will turn them into a reality!

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