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Color Scheme: 1004

I've been meaning to write up the description for this color scheme since I took my little staycation, but things just got cray-to-the-zee!!

This is the general color scheme for my master bedroom plan, but I always like to show how the schemes could possibly be used in another setting as well.  One thing that I haven't done a very good job with thus far on my blog is posting about babies...

Unfortunately, I don't have any of these adorable little creatures of my own...so honestly, they're not on my mind that much.  But just because  I don't have any babies, doesn't mean that readers of this blog don't have babies, which means I need to get my baby booty in gear!

Here are some ideas on how you could use this color scheme within a nursery:

1. To find the perfect palette, use the Dunn Edwards "Explore the Perfect Palette" feature on their website.  I liked the the Sour Apple combination for this particular scheme!

2. Primary fabrics within the room would look great in an ivory tone.  This bedding set from JC Penny uses tones that tie in the dark wood tones, as well as the other accent colors within the room.

3. Wood tones within this scheme are deep and dark, like this crib from simplybabyfurniture.com.  I also love the clean lines on this crib because it adds some simplicity.  This will allow you to make bolder choices when it comes to accessories within the room.

4. White accent pieces compliment this scheme well.  Uses playful pieces that relate to the theme of the room, or to your own personal style.  Something like this lamp from Pottery Barn Kids would be adorable!

5. To add some cheeriness to the space, incorporate some soft-yellow accents.  These piggy...I mean, elephant banks from Pottery Barn kids might be just the thing!  Other great options would be pillows and throws, picture frames and artwork, and even mobiles.

Well, there you have it!  I've finally posted about babies, and the truth is all of these cute baby things make me want to create a nursery for myself!  In due time...of course!



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