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28 Buckeroos!

Today I went on a lunch break adventure!  

What's a lunch break adventure , you ask?  Well, it's a lunch break filled with purpose.  One that comes with a challenge.

Today's objectives:

  1. Run to Dutch Bros. for Double Stamp Tuesday
  2. Run to Savers for 50% Off Day
  3. Return to work on time, within the 60 minute lunch break allowance

Challenging?  Yes!  But nothing that my friend Jana and I can't handle with ease!

My original thought for heading to Savers was to look for another picture frame to use for the chandelier project I am working on, but I never thought that I would leave the store with 11 new items in hand...all for a total price-tag of $28 buckeroos!

So, here's what I found:

Now, this isn't how the items will be arranged in my house...I just set them up together for the photographs.  I don't want you guys to think that I am crazy (well, not too crazy, at least)!

I'd have to say that the main find of the day was the shelf unit.  The sticker price (Ha!  It sounds like I'm shopping for cars!) was listed at $14.99...but with the power of 50% off day, I stole it for $7.50!

The best part is that it also becomes a writing desk!  Check it out:

It's going to be perfect for storing our laptops out of site, and I've always been thinking about making this corner of the master bedroom into a desk zone. (Click here to get a better idea of the master bedroom layout.)  My plan is to paint the unit a bronze/black, change out the hardware, and fix the bottom where the trim was torn off.  

The other things that you see in the photo are some candle sticks ($3.00 each for the greenish ones, and $.50 for the blue ones), a framed wine-cork board ($1.50), a plain rectangular picture frame ($1.00), bed raisers (not sure if that's a word, but they were $1.50 for the set of four), a copper canister ($1.00), and a set of four-foot floating shelves ($3.00 each).

Here's the ironic part of today's Savers experience.  When Jana and I got to the store we each split into different directions to look for the specific items we needed.  At one point when we passed each other in the store, Jana had two six-foot floating shelves (just like these, but longer) hanging out of her cart, and I had two four-footers hanging out of mine!  It made us both laugh, and I was totally jealous that she snagged the six-footers before I got to them!  Grrr!  Oh well, all is fair in love and shopping!

Well, because I haven't been getting too much sleep lately, I'm calling it a night...but I hope you'll check back for more updates on the many projects I have in the works!

What about you guys?  Is anyone working on a fun project?  Did anyone participate in the Pinterest Challenge put on by Young House Love, Bower Power, Style by Emily, and Making a House a Home?  I was hoping to have my chandelier project finished in time so that I could participate, but it looks like they had a lot of great projects submitted.  Hope everyone had fun!

PS...I'm totally noticing a pattern that Double Stamp Tuesday's, followed by a trip to Savers = great finds! See what I mean?  Now I know what the trick is...


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