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The Best Ideas I Wish I'd Thought Of

Have you ever seen something and thought, "Why didn't I think of that?"

It happens to me all of the time.  Even though I would say I'm a pretty creative thinker, sometimes it's just difficult to look at things in a different way.

Luckily, there are creative ideas all around the web that are well worth sharing...and this post is dedicated to some of my biggest, "why didn't I think of that," findings.  

Let me just say up front that I'm writing this post at a time when my body is telling me I should be sleeping.  That being said...please forgive any crazy mumblings or slurs that might travel from my fingers, to the keyboard, and ultimately wind up in this post.  Also, I won't be linking all of the original sources for the images because they are already linked up via Pinterest.  Each of the sources for these images can be found on my Organization board, as well as my Simple and Effective board.  I trust you'll check them out to find all of the details.

First, let's look at some organization ideas:

This first idea uses tension rods to create vertical storage for cutting boards, cookie sheets, and serving dishes.  It's so simple, but it opens up more surface space within your cupboards since these items can stand up, rather than lay flat.  Genius!

Don't throw away that empty Kleenex box!  Instead, use it to store plastic bags from the grocery store. Not only is it clever, it's also green!  You can both repurpose, and reuse, all in one simple idea!

I've always wondered what could be done with those plastic clips that keep your bread package sealed. Now I know!  ...and, since chords are not my friends, this is a clever way to keep track of what's what!

Seriously, why didn't I think of this?  Many magazine holders are the perfect size to store canned items. It makes so much sense it's almost sickening!

Shower hooks can hold more than just shower curtains.  Put them to work as jewelry organizers for all of your pretty necklaces.

I'm always losing the lids for my pots and pans...it's ridiculous!  But once I install some towel rods on the inside of my cabinet doors, I won't need to worry about it any more.  Thank goodness for creative thinkers!

This is the best!  I would have never thought of using a tension rod inside of cabinetry to create a place for hanging cleaning products.  I think it's obvious how clever this is!

Alright, now let's dive into some "they're just great" ideas:

No more towels stretched beneath the beverage dispenser!  Hooray!  This idea turned a two-liter bottle into a drip catcher!  Super cheap...super effective...and super brilliant!

This idea uses wax paper to write the decorative lettering on so that you don't ruin the cake if you slip (or if you spell Hoppy Birthday).  Once you have the wax paper cut to the general size of the cake, place it on a cookie sheet, and then write.  Then...stick it in the freezer!  When your letters have frozen, remove the wax paper and arrange the letters on the cake!  Seriously...this idea makes me want to bake a cake!

If you're tired of cupcakes that all look the same, make some of these heart-shaped cupcakes by using a marble to dent the cupcake liners.  I truly heart this!

Using a vegetable stock to create a flower stamp is great for a few reasons.  First, you get some cute stationary as a result.  Second, you have some vegetables for your dinner!  Eat healthy...and be crafty...yes please!

I liked this stamp idea because anyone who has something to wrap string around can make it.  I liked that they used a block of wood for the example because it created a geometrical pattern, but I think it would also be interesting to see what shapes you could come up with!

Obviously, these need to be clean stamps (preferrably new ones that have never been inked), but how cute will these cookies be??  The next time Michaels has their $1.00 stamps up front, I am definitely making some sugar cookies!

Alright, last one...but such a good one!  I always hate defrosting the package of hamburger, because it takes forever to dethaw.  But not with this idea!  Instead of stressing to dethaw an entire package of hamburger, before you freeze it use this method to create the portions you typically use.  When you're ready to cook, use pressure along the line of the grid to break off just what you need!

Well, that's it...

What do you think?  Did anyone else think, "Why didn't I think of that?"  I seriously wish that my brain could be Einstein all of the time, but luckily for me there are people out there with ideas like these to help fill in when my thinker can't think.

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