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I Ran Out of Ribbon...

Well, today I was hoping to finish up the canvas art project that's been sitting in storage, but unfortunately, I ran out of ribbon.

I hate it when that happens!

But, I guess it's okay.  I'm not really sure if the ribbon is going to work for what I was envisioning anyway, and I'm curious for your opinion.

My first step today was to paint the canvases back to white.  There was a time when I thought a light grey would be a good contrast, but I recently decided that I'm loving the crisp white mirrors and some crisp white canvases would compliment them well.

For this, I just used some acrylic paint.  Nothing fancy.  Just a few coats, until the grey was no longer visable.

Most of the images looked pretty good when I peeled off the painter's tape, but a few of them had some crazy-peeled edges.

Now, before I get to far, let me explain that these images were adhered to the canvas using printable iron-on sheets.  You know...the kind that you make T-Shirts with.  I simply printed the images onto the ironing sheets, and ironed them onto the canvas.  

It went mostly well, except for some of the edges where the image peeled away, but I figured that would be easy enough to cover up.

Once the paint had dried, I took some ribbon that I already had and cut four strips long enough to wrap from one side of the canvas to the other.

Then I used double-sided tape to adhere the ribbon to the canvas.  

Why double-sided tape, you ask?  

Well, the short answer is I wasn't sure if I would like the way the ribbon looked, so I didn't want anything too permanent.  For some reason, I have a thing with accessory commitment, but this time it seemed to work in my favor. 

I soon found that I only had enough ribbon to complete two of the five canvases.  Drat!  I guess this project will stay on the "To Do" list.

Oh well, at least I got a few done, and at least it will be easy to remove the ribbon if I decide to take a different direction with the other canvases.

Wouldn't they be lovely on the wall?  I think so.  Maybe someday they'll make it there...but for now, it's back into storage. 

Who knows when they'll see the light of day again!



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