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Tour My House: Living & Dining Combo

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Are you all ready for the weekend?  I know that I am!

After working on that chandelier project, I was afraid that my creative energies might never recoup.  But have no fear, this weekend I am planning to tackle the black & white photograph art project that I've been neglecting for several months now.  It's time to get my ladies out of storage and hanging on the wall, where they belong!  (PS...that statement will make more sense if you check out the link to the art project I'm referring to.)

I still can't get over the fact that one project could make such a difference in my home, but to show you how blah, blah, blah my living/dining room was before, I shot a Tour My House video before we hung the chandelier.  

Check it out:

As of right now, Mark and I have only invested into a few items within the room--which explains the feeling of emptiness that comes over you when you spend time in there. 

We haven't really done too much formal entertaining in our house, so honestly, we don't use the living room or dining room on a regular basis.  But, now when I look at that chandelier, it's almost like jewelry for the room!

It seems sooo out of place!  But that's only because we haven't started to add the other "embellishments" that will someday compliment our new chandee.

Unfortunately, I don't have an Inspiration Board created for this space yet; however, I did create a few renderings last fall with some ideas that might be pretty impressive.

Here's what I have in mind:

You can see that we're already starting to follow the furniture placement, but there is much to be done within this room.

The biggest change is going to be the flooring.  I mentioned in the video that our carpeting was in pretty bad shape when we moved in.  We bought the house as a foreclosure, so all-in-all, the carpeting wasn't that big of a deal-breaker.  We knew that we would eventually be replacing the carpeting with laminate flooring for a more modern look.

As for the color scheme...I'm going with cool neutrals.

In the Arizona heat, cool neutrals, like blues and greys, create a refreshing living environment. Psychologically, it tricks my mind into thinking that it's not really that hot outside (which is why I think I still spray-paint in the garage, even when it's 118 degrees...yep, psycho Kelli)!

Even with all of the cool neutrals, I think the space will still feel inviting because I plan to use warm, vibrant tones as my accent colors.  The pops of red will draw the eye around the room, and with the right combination of lighting, this space will look phenomenal!

But, here's where we are now.  Starting at the very beginning, and making progress one project at a time.

I hope everyone has big crafty plans for the weekend!  I'll be sure to update you on the results of my art project!



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