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I bet you thought I had already said all there was to say about the bridal shower decorations from a few weeks ago, right?  Wrong!

Not to beat a dead horse, but I've saved some of the best projects for the grand finale, of sorts.  We've talked about the shower itself, the DIY paper garland/streamers, the canned-vegetables-turned-floral arrangement centerpiece, and the cutest pencils on the planet.

After that, we took a short break to learn about the new Best of Blogland content that I've added, talk about some great finds at Ross, and watch some shaky videos from my graduation ceremony.  It's been fun, but there is definitely more where that came from!

My favorite pieces at the shower were the ones that went beyond paper and string.  I loved the pieces that were more artistic and provided more visual interest...and the best part was that I was able to make them from things I already had--plus, I can reuse the items, change out the art, and get repeat satisfaction!  (Holy run-on sentence!!  Yikes!!)

Take these frames for example:

You might remember that I found these for $.69 at Savers a while back.  Well, I had always planned to paint them white eventually, so what better time than for the shower?  I already had oodles of spray-paint cans, the garage was already set up, and everything was screaming, "go for it!"

Viola!  Simple and effective...but only one problem...I didn't have any artwork to put in them.  Drat.

Luckily, I had some card-stock paper in a shade that was close to the colors I was using, plus I had a trillion-gazillion paper hearts. In case you didn't know, those two elements combined = homemade art, baby!!

First, I used my circle cutter to turn the card-stock into a mat for within the frame.

I used double-sided tape to hold the mat against a white background made from printer paper.

Then I used double-sided tape on the back of the paper hearts and pressed them in the center of the circles.

By matching up the shades and sizes of the paper hearts, the three individual pieces became a set.

...and the total cost???  $0  (I already had all of the materials!)

I even had one more frame left over, so I used two of the rubber bands that were spray-painted white from another project (I'll be posting about that project soon), and added a touch of dimension to the plain-white frame.

This frame was used to hold a little note that asked guests to leave advice for the soon-to-be newly-weds.  ...and the total cost??? $0 (that's right!  Don't you remember that flower from my thank-you buckets?)

For the next few pieces of art I used some canva-paper that I already had on hand, plus the picture-less picture frames (seen here, added to the desk as temporary accessories) that I bought from Ikea.

First, I did a practice run with the word-art (spacing is very important).

Then I used some of left-over paint (from my color tests in the guest bedroom) to paint the canva-paper.

Then I mixed some craft paint, and dyed some string (to use as an accent color).

And finally, I used my glue-gun to trace the writing and glue the string in place.

For the other frame, I cut a heart template and traced the shape onto the canva-paper.

Then I used the hot-glue-gun, and left over beads from my mom's birthday present (shown here).  

This project was pretty simple (as long as you know how to stay within the lines!), and I'll bet you can guess the total cost, right?  You got it, $0, since I already had all of the materials.

At the end of the shower, I gave the bride the two Ikea frames as her gift, but before you think that I'm totally stingy by giving a gift that I just said cost $0, keep in mind that I did previously pay for everything that you've seen listed in this post.

I guess nothing is entirely free these days, but the main point I'm trying to make here is that you can typically get multiple projects out of the materials you are using.  This stretches your dollars even further, especially if you are keeping an eye out for discounted materials (like $1.00 ribbon from Michaels! Yep!).

So, what about you guys?  Have you ever worked on a project where you used materials from previous projects?  Did you find it fun to be resourceful, or would you rather just start a project from scratch?  I found it pretty fun to think of ideas for the materials that I had on hand.  In fact, I thought it was interesting how my game-plan for the decorations changed as new ideas came about (those sewn hearts were not planned in the beginning).  Many ideas came into the picture, and many others were discarded throughout the process.  

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Reader Comments (2)

I loved loved loved all the decorations and the gifts! I LOVED them even more after ready the time and thought that went into them. Whatever girl, those gifts were not free they are PRICELESS!

Love ya!

July 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDanneel

Glad you liked them! I'm so glad I can finally post about them. It was killing me to keep the surprise for what I was working on! haha!

July 27, 2011 | Registered CommenterAHPCH

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