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The Next Chapter...Maybe

Well, it's official...I finally graduated...and if you don't believe me I've provided some terribly-shot, phone-camera videos as proof of my accomplishment!

At first, I didn't think that I was going to walk in the ceremony, but I'm glad that I eventually chose to do so.  It seems to have given me a feeling of closure.  Like that chapter of my life is now over, and now I can move onto the next one.

But what is the next chapter?  I've been a student for practically the past ten years of my life!  I've adapted and evolved to become "student Kelli" and now I'm not sure what it's like to be "non-student Kelli."  And so...this Tuesday I begin my next program!

Am I crazy??  I think so!  But after this program, I swear I'm done!  (At least I think I'll be done...)  

The good news is that this program is just a certificate program in Visual Communications, which means that each of you will benefit as I learn how to do some new things for this site.  Through this program, I'm going to learn more techniques for Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and website design in general.  That was the reason I chose to start the program right away.  I felt that I could immediately benefit from learning more about making this site better for my readers.

Well, since this weekend was pretty-much filled up with graduation events, I didn't get to do anything to crafty or innovative...but I did get to start (barely) this project that I brain-stormed a while ago.

I've changed my mind about how I'd like to construct the chandelier, but I think the new plan is actually going to work out better, and should be much cheaper (double score!) in the end!

Today I played around with a few ideas for making my imitation capiz.

I thought that I would first try a smooshified version of this idea, and this idea.  I thought the parchment paper and wax paper idea looked fairly good, but maybe adding some melted crayon might add some additional dimension.  I was hoping that this would create a more natural shell-like appearance, and since I had purchased some crayons to use for my bridal shower decorations (I was going to use the crayon heart idea, but I ran out of time), I figured I would put my smooshified idea to the test.

At first I planned to only use the white crayons, but then I thought a few flecks of some other colors might add that natural resemblance, so I added some grey and a little bit of yellow.

It took a while to shred everything, and I learned that this is not a good project when your nails have grown out (I nearly sliced my fingers a few times, but instead trimmed my fingernail).

Once the crayons were shred into tiny shavings, I sandwiched flecks of them between two pieces of wax paper, and ironed the paper together...


Apparently my assumption that the colors would blend together nicely was far from accurate!  But then I got the idea to try ironing the wax paper together by itself, just to see what it looked like.

Much to my surprise, it looked pretty-dang-good!  The bubbles and the veins that it made from the ironing created a similar look to that of onyx, but the opacity resembled capiz pretty well.

I tested out the paper to cut out a few strips and see what the light fixture might look like. I was pretty happy with the results. 

Each strip only made four tiles, so it looks like I'm going to be spending next weekend with a good movie and my handy-dandy paper cutter!  Any movie suggestions?

Well, that's it for my crafting adventures this weekend.  I guess all that's left is announcing my purchase from Ross that I posted about on Tuesday.  Take a look:

Notice anything different?  Take a closer look:

That's right, I bought the bench!  Sorry guys, I think that was a difficult one to guess, but hopefully it makes sense as to why I bought it.  I thought it would be a perfect way to help hide those ridiculous cords underneath my night stand / writing desk that I bought from Savers.

What do you think?  Do you think it works well in the guest bedroom?  It helps with the cord situation, but you can see that there is still some improvement needed.  Another project for another day!



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