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Cutest Pencils on the Planet

Before the bridal shower, I hinted that I was crafting the cutest pencils on the planet, using these pencils that I bought at Wal-Mart:

The colored-pencil that is in the picture is just there to give you an idea of the scale for these guys.  They are a bit thicker, and taller than regular pencils, and I thought the round shape was super-charming.  I found these pencils at Wal-Mart, and they were $.84 for a pack of two pencils.

My inspiration for this project was this photo that I pinned to my Pinterest account:

I knew that I wanted to create an area for guests to leave their warm wishes for the couple, and I loved this little set-up.  The only problem was that cute little pencils can sometimes be a challenge to find.  So, I figured I'd just have to make my own.  Besides, a little paint can work miracles, right?

First, I prepped the pencils with some tape so that only the yellow portion was showing.  Then, I taped some string to the pencils so that I could attach them to a hanger and spray paint them with a coat of primer.

It makes me giggle when I look at this picture, because it looks a bit funny to have pencils hanging from the garage door track in your garage...but what can I say??...it worked perfectly, and helped me to get an even coat around each of the pencils.  The biggest challenge with this was that the pencils actually began to swing as the spray paint hit them, but in the end, I think this actually made it easier for me because I could just spray in one general location, and the pencils would twist round-and-round, allowing me to coat each side.  Unplanned, but genious!

Once the primer was dry, I mixed up some acrylic craft-paint to the color that I wanted, and coated the pencils three times.  Between coats, I allowed the paint to dry so that I could determine where more coverage was needed.

Sooooo cute, right!?!  I was so happy with the way the turned out!

At the shower, I used one of the candles that I made from canning jars (details on that project coming soon) to hold the pencils, and they went along with this arrangement here:

To me, little details like this make everything come together.  Sure, I could have just used standard-ol-pencils, and people still could have written little notes (I mean, let's be honest, it's not like the paint makeover increased the quality of the pencil), but where's the fun in that?  I'll tell you where....nowhere!

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